Manual therapy for back pain

immediately emphasize that manual therapy should be used strictly according to testimony, after a thorough examination, and clarify the nature and localization of the disease process.

chiropractic for back pain

immediately emphasize that manual therapy should be used strictly according to testimony, after a thorough examination, and clarify the nature and localization of the disease process.manual therapy method is mainly used to remove the block in the spine or joints, which is clearly visible on the radiograph.The success of treatment depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis, the physician experience and skills that the correct technique can remove the block in a split second.

contraindicated in this treatment for all inflammatory diseases of joints and spine, damage from injury and cell states vertebrae.When the pain in the back of the acquired during the life of degenerative diseases of the spine method is rarely used.But osteoporosis is often referred to as strict contraindications.This is prob

ably due to the known techniques of hard manual treatments that are dangerous in bone fragility.

in the treatment of osteoporosis play a major role of drug therapy effects on the skeletal system, excluding other causes of pain.The picture of the disease often develops in the presence of other diseases or age-related changes, so the symptoms are often overlooked.The main manifestation of spinal osteoporosis is back pain.In this disease, the cause of the pain can be a compression fracture of the spine or partial breakdown, microfractures with small hemorrhages, degenerative changes in the tendons, muscles and ligaments, violation of posture and movement habits.

Fresh body vertebral fracture is accompanied by severe pain radiating to the chest or abdomen and sharp movement restriction.Compression vertebra develops acutely with heavy lifting, bumpy ride, coughing or sneezing.Compression fractures of the vertebrae and subsequent deformation will inevitably lead to a decrease in human growth and pronounced thoracic kyphosis, called in the "widow's hump" people.Such patients for years pursued a chronic dull pain in the back, as well as the pelvic bones or other bones, too.The pain increases with any physical activity, walking, coughing, straining.

One of the main causes of chronic back pain is muscle overexertion, which arises from the systematic forced reduction of spinal muscles due to postural changes and deformations occurring.The pain increases with prolonged standing and walking decreases.Just this kind of pain is perfectly amenable to manual methods to treat.

chiropractic for back pain

Currently, manual therapy offers new therapeutic techniques of soft enforcement, which can be used for osteoporosis, without fear of serious consequences.Many leading doctors of manual medicine in our country has successfully used a manual treatment of pain syndromes on a background of osteoporosis.It uses only non-traumatic neuromuscular techniques such as cranio-sacral therapy, muscle-energy techniques, myofascial release (extension), visceral manipulation and others.

already accumulated clinical data of recent years about the positive results of such treatment.These techniques use a soft, gentle techniques, taking into account changes in the musculoskeletal system.As a result, it managed to restore the normal position of authorities to return the original mobility, to normalize the activity of the autonomic nervous system and eliminate the pain.In patients with decreased thoracic kyphosis, increased volume of painless movements became normal tone of muscles and ligaments.

specialists have produced an opinion that manual therapy can be used in the treatment of osteoporosis, it can not only eliminate the pain, to normalize the condition of the muscles and ligaments, but also increase the effectiveness of drug treatment and rehabilitation: massage, physical therapy and physiotherapy.Especially important is the assumption that manual therapy will help to reduce the risk of fractures due to improved motor abilities, a decrease in the incidence of falls due to better coordination.

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