Urticaria in children

hives in infants occurs against a background of a diathesis, especially in bottle-fed children.In this case, the disease belongs to the group of food allergies.

In subsequent years, the child's life are important different types of household allergies, insect stings, pollen, allergy medicines, cold allergy.

symptoms of urticaria in children is usually pronounced: on the delicate skin rashes appear numerous bright pink color with a variety of shapes and are accompanied by severe itching.On top of lesions appear small bubbles, and then they burst (or comb) and in their place formed a crust.The rash may spread to the whole body, but most often localized in large folds, buttocks, arms, cheeks.When cold urticaria rash usually appears on the face and hands, so you need to use special protective creams before going out in the cold season.

Besides the rash, urticaria symptoms in children can be dry skin, diarrhea disorders (vomiting, diarrhea or constipation), as well as loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety.T

here are acute and chronic urticaria.Acute urticaria usually lasts a short time, from a few hours - to a few days, sometimes lasts for several months.If unable to immediately determine the allergen and remove it - urticaria passes quickly and completely.Severe acute allergic urticaria in children is called angioedema (angioedema), the patient is subject to immediate hospitalization, as it is life-threatening.Chronic urticaria - a recurrent disease.In most cases, with successful treatment, urticaria extends to 3-7 years, but sometimes goes to atopic dermatitis, pruritus.

How to treat urticaria in children in the home?I'll note that it is possible with light forms of urticaria and confidence in the diagnosis, since the symptoms are similar to scabies.The main thing - to try to identify the allergen or factor provoked a rash and exclude it from the contact.Then comes the treatment of damaged skin: in infants - a pink solution of potassium permanganate, broth succession, chlorhexidine, and three years - 1% salicylic alcohol.After wiping the ointment is applied, depending on the situation, with antipruritic (fenistil, Psili Balm), antiseptic (Hexicon, Bepanten plus) or healing action (solkoseril, Bepanten).If necessary (malaise, headache, fever) are assigned to receive antihistamines (allergy) preparations (suprastin, while cold urticaria sempreks) and calcium supplementation (Kaltsinova).When anxiety and sleep disorders designate sedatives (valerian, refresh, tenoten).

Diet for hives in children should be hypoallergenic, no spicy, smoked and pickled foods, can not eat citrus fruits, pineapple, eggplant, tomatoes, aromatic herbs, all foods with preservatives and flavors, chocolate.Recommended dairy products, cereals, puddings, cereals soups, steamed vegetables and fruits (apples, pears, bananas, sweet varieties of plums or other, do not cause urticaria).Adding to the power of the child new foods or foods, parents should regularly inspect his skin, remembering the look of urticaria in children.Thus it is easier to determine the possible allergen and eliminate it immediately.

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