Pressure therapy : sport for lazy

Pressure therapy : sport for lazy
Some patients called pressotherapy sports for the lazy and busy.After all, this procedure does not only improves blood flow and metabolism in the body tired, but in and of itself is very comfortable.

Recently in our country one of the most popular and fastest growing areas of preventive and aesthetic medicine is a pressure therapy (pressomassazh, pulse barotherapy, pneumomassage, mechanical lymphatic drainage), which allows relatively fast to achieve good results in a comfortable environment.

Pressure therapy: are techniques

Pressotherapy - a consistent mechanical effect on certain body parts with compressed air (pneumomassage), which is served in a special suit to put on the patient before the procedure.

Depending on the impact of using different modifications of costumes: the lower half of the body to the arms and legs, abdomen and thighs.

But in all there are several departments, compartments, and in that alternately with the specified parameters is supplied with compressed air (similar to how

it is carried out in cuffs Blood pressure measurement).

Thus there is a circular moving (from the extremities to the periphery of the body) tissue compression, has a marked massage, lymphatic drainage and relaxing effect on the body.

main effects presso

  • Improved blood supply to tissues, normalization of vascular tone and venous valves, elimination of venous stasis.
  • Increased lymphatic drainage (leading to a reduction and gradual disappearance of edema).
  • excretion of harmful metabolic products and the strengthening of the exchange in the adipose tissue (helps to reduce body fat, weight loss, body shaping defects).
  • activation of collagen production processes and improving tissue elasticity, loss of sagging skin, cellulite effect.
  • stimulation of metabolism in tissues, regeneration and local immunity.
  • Prevention of stagnation and inflammation in the internal organs (including hemorrhoids, as well as stagnation in the pelvic organs).
  • Relaxing effect, the removal of muscle spasms, which in turn has an analgesic effect and a general calming effect.

Additional positive effects presso

  • Gentle and easily dosed (with the help of a special computer program) presso mode allows you to use it in those cases when such treatments as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, electrophoresis and various forms of manual therapy and massage are contraindicatedor unavailable.
  • It goes well with other types of treatments used for the treatment and correction of shape and rejuvenation (anti-cellulite effect).
  • Allows complex, but strictly metered and individually affect the entire predetermined area of ​​the body that is not always achieved with manual massage techniques.
  • pressure therapy without reason called sports for the lazy and busy, as this procedure is at the same time effectively combines the stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism in tissues with relaxation and comfort of the procedure.Therefore, pressure therapy is especially useful to those who by the nature of their activities has to sit for a long time, a little move, stand for long periods on your feet, or to work in forced and uncomfortable position of the body.
  • This technique, being hardware, economically more accessible to a wide range of patients.At this rate of pressure therapy typically consists of 10-15 40-minute treatments conducted with an interval of 2-3 days.

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