Medicines for asthma

periods of asthma reflect the specific phase of the disease.Periods are predpristupny, pristupnaya, postpristupny and interictal.

medicine for bronchial asthma

periods of asthma reflect the specific phase of the disease.Periods are predpristupny, pristupnaya, postpristupny and interictal.

Predpristupny period is 1-2 days before the attack.During this period, it manifested anxiety, irritability, loss of appetite.Sometimes it begins acute rhinitis, sneezing and itchy nose, cough.When concomitant dermatitis enhanced skin itching.

pristupnaya period can last from several hours to several days, with periods of gain and reduce breathlessness.Seizures may develop during the day and at night.They often occur in waves, in contact with the allergen, after a walk in wet cold weather.The main symptoms are attacks of breathlessness.It usually becomes noisy, whistling, with labored breath and high frequency.Along with breathing difficulties, there is considerable shortness of breath.When concomitant respiratory

diseases (pneumonia, etc.). These phenomena are amplified, gradually increasing cyanosis (blue) lips and nasolabial triangle, the entire face.In severe attacks of pronounced respiratory failure.In connection with labored breath mobilized chest muscles, shoulder girdle, abdominal wall.The patient receives the most advantageous position, sits down, rests in the hands of edge of the bed, he moves little, expression pained face.Gradually, shortness of breath subsides, decreases noisy breathing and begins racking cough, sometimes with vomiting.The attack causes numerous disturbances in the body, which is confirmed by research.Frequent severe attacks can cause seizures, incoordination, depressed.Patients concerned about abdominal pain, associated with stress abdominal muscles when quickened breathing difficulties and coughing.There is also tenderness of the liver.

medicine for bronchial asthma

Postpristupny period occurs after the removal of an acute attack within the next 2-3 days.The patient's condition is improving, but remains moderate, more developments are defined in the various organs and systems.Patients are monitored and antispastic receive both (according to circumstances) treatment.

interictal period can last from 2-3 weeks to several months.Severity of symptoms of the disease depends on the severity of asthma, disease duration and age of the patient.

Currently accepted standards of treatment of bronchial asthma, allowing to conduct a rational treatment of the patient and to achieve stable remission (complete absence of symptoms of the disease).The standards include a classification of asthma, prescribe the necessary treatment of exacerbations with the description of medicines and their dose calculation, the list of necessary diagnostic procedures for each period or stage of the disease, the doctor algorithm of actions and treatment sequence, describe basic therapy the stairs.Medicines for asthma are classified and itemized for each period of the disease and all possible complications.Basic therapy of asthma involves treatment of the stairs, without exacerbation of the disease.Standards for the treatment of bronchial asthma developed on the basis of scientific data.They also provided for monitoring of the patient in hospital and at home.To control the state of each patient is recommended to have a home peak flow meter instrument that measures the rate of exhaled air flow.Measurements were carried out twice a day, morning and evening, is recorded in a diary.When the morning of the device performance deteriorates, it means that the state is not returned to normal and possible exacerbation of the disease.Device data recorded in chronological order in the diagnosis stage and severity of bronchial asthma, which is necessary for proper treatment.

For the patient required a special physiotherapy sessions.Breathing exercises in bronchial asthma includes complexes with the pronunciation of sounds, an initial course of exercises, the final rate, and hardening.Exercises carried out standing and sitting at a slow pace, finishing with walking.Specific recommendations for individual medical gymnastics can be obtained from your doctor.

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