Menu for gastritis

Power gastritis stomach diet should be, that is a relief.During exacerbation of a patient is prescribed a strict diet as well as facilitate its status is transferred to the usual diet with some restrictions.

menu for gastritis without exacerbation should be a full and varied, but should not contain irritating and indigestible food.It should be noted that alcohol gastritis prohibited.Coffee gastritis is limited, since it is a float for the stomach and excites secretion only allowed gipotsidnyh gastritis.Fresh cucumbers are limited in gastritis and acute gastritis - contraindicated.Tomatoes in gastritis with high acidity are contraindicated, they contain a lot of acid and stimulate the secretion.

Sample menu in chronic gastritis after an exacerbation.

Breakfast.Buckwheat porridge, gruel, bread and butter cream and Adygei cheese, tea or coffee with milk surrogate.Lunch.Grated apple with low-fat cream or sour cream and sugar.Crackers or cookies Type Zoological diluted non-acidic juice or tea.Dinner.Veg

etable soup, potato casserole, sausages, bread Podolsk, berry jelly.Snack.Tea, white crackers or cookies nesdobnoe.Dinner.A small piece of boiled meat with vegetables, pudding, tea.Before going to bed you can drink kefir or fermented baked milk, if you want, but at high acidity can be eaten sandwich, a bit of cheese and a cup of tea.

second option menu for the day.Breakfast.Fresh cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream or yogurt, tea, stale bread and butter.Lunch.Slimy soup of oatmeal with milk powder.Dinner.Cream of cauliflower, chicken meatballs with carrot puree, compote of dried fruits.Snack.Pear poached with honey and candied fruit, tea with a slice of stale loaf.Dinner.Egg Viennese with mashed potatoes, a loaf of stale tea.

third day.Breakfast.Boiled egg, tea with milk, a stale loaf, butter, jam.Lunch.Half a cup of carrot juice, crackers.Dinner.Soup of fresh tomatoes with herbs, veal cutlets steam, beet puree with white sauce with lemon (with cream), raspberry jelly.Snack.Baked apple with nuts and raisins, honey, slice loaf, tea.Dinner.Kasha-gruel made from wheat or rice cereals, bread and butter and tea.

fourth day.Breakfast.Pistou, lemon tea, bread and butter.Lunch.Orange juice, stale loaf.Dinner.Potato soup with dumplings, ground beef aspic with carrot puree and green pudding with berry syrup, tea.Snack.Banana mousse, biscuits, tea.Dinner.Soup pasta with fresh herbs and butter, cheese Adyghe, bread and butter and tea.

fifth day.Breakfast.Krupenik soup with parsley and butter, cranberry juice, bread.Lunch.The dessert of plums, apples and strawberries.Dinner.Cream of leek with carrots and potatoes, boiled fish with white sauce and mashed potatoes, tea.Snack.Kefir or fermented baked milk, stale loaf.Dinner.Pumpkin porridge, bread and tea.

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