Symptoms of cancer in women who are overlooked

Symptoms of cancer in women who are overlooked
Women are much more attentive to their health of men.However, they often do not pay attention to the symptoms that may indicate cancer.

about these attributes will be discussed in this article.

Symptoms of cancer in women: unexplained weight loss

For many women, losing weight without effort - is unattainable and desirable goal.

However, if the body weight is reduced rapidly and steadily, without exercise or a special diet, it is quite alarming sign, said Wounds Mishor (Ranit Mishori), Associate Professor of Family Medicine School of Medicine at Georgetown University.

course, it is not necessarily the cause cancer.Weight loss can occur in other conditions such as hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid function).

Prepare to be that in order to determine the cause of the doctor will have to do quite a lot of work, including laboratory tests and instrumental examination (eg, ultrasound or CT scan of the thyroid gland).

Symptoms of cancer in women: an increase in abdominal volume

Bloating is not uncom

mon for many women as possible sign of violation of the digestive processes.However, this symptom can indicate and ovarian cancer.

This cancer is also characterized by pain in the abdomen or perineum, violation of urination (urinary incontinence or urgent desires in a toilet) and a feeling of satiation, even from a small amount of food.

If the bloating worries you constantly and does not pass within a few weeks, you should consult with your doctor.

Cancer Symptoms in women: changes in the mammary glands

Many women carry out regular self-breast examination and know what changes to look for in them.However, the cancer does not only indicate sealing or education in the chest.

Redness and thickening of the skin of the mammary glands can occur in a rather rare but very aggressive form of cancer - edematous infiltrative breast cancer.

As noted by Hannah Linden (Hannah Linden), an oncologist and researcher at the Center for malignant neoplasms Fred Hutchinson, if the skin on the chest for several weeks stored rashes or redness, then check-up delay is not necessary in any case.

The same applies to the discharge from the nipple (if the woman is not breastfeeding, and it is not milk) and changing their appearance (for example, the sudden appearance of inverted nipples).

When there are changes in the mammary glands doctor carefully interrogates woman holds an objective inspection and assigns the survey, such as mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and possibly a biopsy (taking a sample of tissue).

Symptoms of cancer in women: the emergence of inter-menstrual bleeding or unusual nature of menstruation

According oncologist Delhi Mary (Mary Daly), head of the Clinical Genetics Branch of malignancies is Fox Chase Center (Philadelphia, USA), many women simply ignore intermenstrual bleeding.

And the appearance of this symptom, as well as the resumption of uterine bleeding after menopause may well speak of endometrial cancer.In ¾ of cases is an early sign of gynecological malignancy

Cancer Symptoms in Women: and Changes of the skin

Most people are closely watching changes in moles, because they know that one can develop a cancerous tumor of the skin.However, you should watch out for any abnormalities and skin pigmentation, such as the sudden appearance of dark or too bright spots on the skin.

If the skin you suddenly starts to peel off or bleed, you should see a specialist, Dr. Delhi says.This watch is not more than a few weeks for the changes.

Cancer Symptoms in women: s atrudneniya swallowing

If there was difficulty in swallowing, then most likely you have already changed their eating habits, and went for a light meal, such as soup or protein shakes.

However, this symptom can not be simply ignored, because it can speak, for example, cancer of the esophagus, says Leonard Lichtenfeld (Leonard Lichtenfeld), deputy medical director of the American Society for the fight against cancer.

sure to consult with your doctor, who will prescribe the appropriate examination, including chest organs and the gastrointestinal tract.

Cancer Symptoms in women: n blood oyavlenie in unusual places

If you notice blood in the urine or feces do not think it's necessarily hemorrhoids.This may be a sign of colon cancer, bladder or kidneys, says Dr. Mishor.Hemoptysis (coughing up blood) also requires a study of the impact.

single episode of blood in unusual places can still nothing to say.However, if it is repeated, do not hesitate to visit a doctor.

Cancer Symptoms in Women: constant abdominal pain and depression

If a woman is experiencing constant chronic abdominal pain and depression at the same time, it is necessary to survey, according to Dr. Lichtenfeld.

Some studies suggest a link between depressive states and pancreatic cancer, which is characterized by pain.

Cancer Symptoms in women: n arushenie digestion

Women who were once pregnant, likely to remember that weight gain is accompanied by digestive disorders, such as instability of the chair, or a change in its nature.But indigestion for no apparent reason can serve as a red flag of such tumors, as cancer of the esophagus, stomach or throat.

Symptoms of cancer in women: Changes and oral

particularly hard smokers should worry about such features as white patches on the oral mucosa or whitish plaques on the tongue.This warns the American Society for the fight against cancer.

Both of these symptoms can indicate a precancerous condition called leukoplakia, which often turns into oral cancer.

Cancer Symptoms in Women: x ronicheskaya pain

The older a person becomes, the more he complains of a variety of pain in various organs.However, the pain is particularly vague and uncertain localization, may indicate a malignant tumor.If over time, unfounded pain does not go away, then it requires a survey.

Symptoms of cancer in women: and Changes in the lymph nodes

If you notice a lump or thickening in the armpit, neck, or subclavian proper or any other lymph nodes, it can be a troubling symptom, Dr. Linden said.Any rapid increase in lymph node that persists more than a month, should be examined by a doctor.No clear reasons for this condition (eg, infection) is likely to require a biopsy.

Symptoms of cancer in women: temperature rise

increase in temperature in the absence of infection or inflammation can clearly indicate a malignant process.Most often, fever occurs in the propagation of the tumor from the place of their primary localization (with metastasis).

However, it can also serve as an early sign of blood cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma.Other symptoms of these tumors include jaundice and changes in stool color and / or urine.

Cancer Symptoms in women: with labost, fatigue

weakness - is another symptom that may indicate not only cancer, but also to a host of other diseases.Most often fatigue appears as tumor growth, but in certain types of cancer (e.g., leukemia, colon cancer, or stomach) may be present from the outset.

Symptoms of cancer in women: n tinuous compulsive cough

Coughing is common with colds, viral respiratory tract infections, allergies, and as a side effect of some medications.However, persistent cough (for 3-4 weeks or more) can not be ignored because it may indicate lung cancer.

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