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Delicate Care for sensitive areas

Delicate Care for sensitive areas
basic rules of personal hygiene for men and women.Many

genital diseases arise due to inadequate or improper hygiene.For example, soap destroys the natural vaginal flora, which in turn can lead to other problems, and thrush.

The stores sell special gels and foams for personal hygiene.These funds should not be neglected.They are made using a special technology for the delicate skin of intimate places.Conventional shower gels typically contain a variety of chemicals and artificial flavors which can cause allergies, redness and breach the natural microflora.

Women's Intimate Hygiene

uterus microflora of 90% is made up of lactic acid bacteria that produce lactic acid.This creates an acidic environment that inhibits the majority of infections.To break this harmony can ordinary soap, which in itself is alkaline.When disposable nothing happens, but if you regularly wash their vulva with soap, you can buy a health problem.Violation of the natural microflora of the vagina can lead to goiter, which are the

first signs of an unpleasant odor, itching and discharge.The consequences can be serious: the infection, inflammation, and even erosion.

necessary to observe certain rules of personal hygiene.Firstly, it should be regular procedure.Second, water should be warm.Do not use sponges and scouring pads, they can cause microscopic cracks that will long remind yourself.The water jet at podmyvanii, and hand movements should be directed from front to back.Otherwise, you can bring an infection of the anus.You can not direct the stream of water directly into the vagina, this can lead to the ingress of harmful bacteria and increase the risk of inflammation.

need to wash once or twice a day.After each trip to the beach you need to take a shower, especially if going swimming in a dirty or salty water.The swab should be removed after each swim.

Men's intimate hygiene

Men as well as women, need to wash the genitals with warm water at least once a day.When provyvanii penis and scrotum area is better not to use a washcloth - it threatens microcracks.Means for intimate hygiene, you can buy in any store, in addition, a good idea to use a herbal tea.For this purpose, well-fit and honey solution (1 h. Spoon of honey in a glass of warm water).Wipe the genitals should be gentle way, let the towel will certainly clean and very private.

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