Treatment of acne in adolescents

of acne mostly occurs in adolescence and coincides with the period of puberty.The disease can occur for a long time, with relapses and scarring.

Depending on the severity of several forms of the disease.In general, the disease is characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous ducts and hair follicles due to blockage of the sebaceous plugs and colonization.When a cluster of sebum and dead skin cells in the excretory ducts of the glands are formed comedones spherical nodules with a black dot in the center.This black spot and sets the stage for the development of infection and inflammation with suppuration.

acne vulgaris (vulgaris) mild disease inherent in adolescents in 80% of cases, it is caused by disorders of the endocrine system.Proceeds always with an increased excretion of fat, often accompanied by seborrhea.This acne in adolescents is polymorphic, that is, include acne, black spots, festering elements.Sometimes the disease becomes more severe, acne reach large sizes, inside which are formed painf

ul infiltrates containing pus.On the surface of the skin are formed painful purplish-red nodes, and inflammation penetrates deep into the skin.After the merger of infiltrates (acne conglobata) formed lingering abscesses, which when left on the skin healing of rough severe scarring.

acne treatments include topical treatment of several types and in more severe complemented common treatment.Local treatment is initiated with care selection means depending on the skin type, mostly liquid and antiseptic ointment.Then, pharmacological treatment is prescribed, depending on the degree of severity and purulent process.At strongly expressed purulent inflammation with the presence of elements need to be treated with antibiotics.Required appointed vitamins and nutritional correction.Surgical treatment is used in severe cases.

Teenage acne cure home remedies begin, health gain, changes in diet and mode.What is important is the active outdoor recreation and healthy sleep.Home remedies should be freshly prepared or stored in the refrigerator for 5-7 days.One of the home remedies for the treatment of acne vulgaris is horsetail.Take 2 tablespoons of dry herb horsetail pour a cup of boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes, let it brew more 30min.Then drain and wipe the skin 2 times a day after washing.If you add 1 tablespoon in a broth.spoon of vodka, the resulting lotion can be stored for a long time (2-3 weeks) and used for wiping, compresses and ice cubes preparation for skin treatment.Excellent mask for porous skin with acne: Grate a sour apple, add starch to form a slurry and apply on face for 20 minutes.2 tablespoons grated apple to take 1 teaspoon of starch.Rinse with warm water.

Treatment of acne in teenagers can be carried out without antibiotics and spirit in mild forms of the disease.Very popular use of Skinoren in the form of gel and cream.The gel is used with very oily skin.Skinoren applied to the lesions twice daily.It is popular as a series of medical cosmetics youth Wedge CLEAR containing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components.This series includes a cleanser, scrubs, deep cleansing pores, lotions, tonics, moisturizers.It is important to remember that scrubs can not be used in the presence of inflammation and suppuration, as there is a risk to increase their, different infections to healthy skin.They can be used in the presence of non-inflammatory blackheads.The success of a daily skin care.

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