Cancer prevention : helping strawberries

Cancer prevention : helping strawberries
Eating freeze-dried strawberries significantly reduces the severity of precancerous changes in the lining of the esophagus.This means that strawberries helps in preventing cancer.

Esophageal cancer - a dangerous and common malignant tumor.According to the American Society for the fight against cancer, in 2010 just over 16 600 cases of esophageal cancer have been identified in the United States, and 14 of 500 patients died.

Risk factors for the occurrence of this cancer include smoking, especially when combined with alcohol abuse and poor in fruits and vegetables food and gastroesophageal acid reflux.

Measures of this type of cancer prevention are well known to physicians.However, recently it was reported that defend against it, you can use strawberries.This is indicated by the preliminary results of a study of the Center for the Study of malignancies at Ohio State University (Columbus, USA).

After experiments on animals have shown the anti-cancer properties of strawberries, the scientists decided t

o test its effect to prevent cancer in humans.

For this, they conducted a study involving 35 patients with precancerous changes in the esophageal mucosa.The average age of the volunteers was 54 years.We all had risk factors for esophageal cancer.

Before you start and end of all patients underwent endoscopy with biopsy of the esophagus, which showed the severity of changes on the mucosa.At the beginning of the study, 31 people were assessed as mild changes, while five dysplasia cells expressed moderately.The degree of dysplasia to predict the likelihood of developing cancer.When lung cancer risk changes for 15-20 years is 25%.When evaluated as moderate dysplasia, this risk increases to 50%.

Cancer Prevention tastefully

All patients were assigned sublimated strawberry in the amount of 60 grams each day.This form of the product, said lead researcher Dr. Tong Chen, has the highest concentration of anti-cancer compounds and helps to prevent cancer.

All volunteers fixed daily intake of flavored medication diaries.In addition to the introduction of strawberries in the diet food, no change in diet or lifestyle is not carried out.

After investigation it turned out that 29 of the 36 volunteers severity of precancerous lesions of the mucous decreased significantly.

As explained by Dr. Chen, the development of esophageal cancer associated with chemical substance called N-nitrozimetilbenzilamin (NMBA).It is found in pickled vegetables, fried bacon and some other products as well as tobacco smoke.According to scientists, strawberries influenced it in the NMBA, inhibiting its activity in the body.In addition, positive effects for cancer prevention could provide "strawberry" vitamins, folic acid and minerals.

results of their research experts presented at the American 102 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, held April 2-6 in Orlando (Florida, USA).

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