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treatment of acne acne care, not only the vast majority of adolescents and young people, but also some of the adults.

The reason for that is not only a hormonal imbalance, provoking increasing greasiness of the skin, but also the presence of certain diseases, as well as environmental factors.It creates the conditions in which the skin drops a big load for the removal of metabolic waste products.The facial skin is unable to cope with the timely conclusion of such a large number of toxic substances, and will soon respond to inflammation irritation.Therefore, in the complex of therapeutic measures to rid the face of acne include ingestion sorbents (enterosgel, entegnin, polisorb, gumivit) and prebiotics (Laktusan, eubikor).Sorbents absorb and excrete toxins, and prebiotics to help develop their own microflora, improving this metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

In the absence of pustules topical treatment of acne begins with the removal of comedones (sebaceous plugs).To do this, apply salt tre

atments or mechanical removal of them - the so-called cleaning of the face.For salt treatments take lather mixed with fine table salt, and applied to the face in a circular sliding movements without pressing, and leave for 2-3 minutes.Wash off the mask at first hot and then cold water.Face wiped with a towel and applied Dexpanthenol or moisturizer.Facial cleansing is a complex procedure consisting of steaming face and mechanical removal of comedones or hardware, and is carried out in cosmetic clinics and offices.Outwardly

administered morning and evening degreasing and antibacterial alcohol solution of boric acid or salicylic, batter containing sulfur and alcohol.These solutions wiped clean washed skin.Popular acne treatment celandine, using the juice in pure form or in lotions, lotions with a decoction of herbs.For lotions and rubdowns prepare a broth celandine herbs.To do this, take the dry grass celandine 1 part, poured in 10 parts of water, bring to a boil and boil on low heat for 15 minutes, then strain.Lotions do with the warm broth.

the presence of pustules use streptocidal ointment acne by applying to the cleaned and degreased skin.But the modern approach to treatment of acne based on a gel emulsion and therapeutic agents with a light texture that does not clog skin pores.Widely known Zener - effective preparation based on an emulsion containing the antibiotic erythromycin and zinc.It quickly reduces inflammation and remove pustules.When concomitant seborrhea recommended to combine with masks of ketoconazole shampoo, which is whipped into foam and applied to the face for 3-5 minutes, then wash off.With little effect treatment complementary synthetic retinoids and benzoyl peroxide, prmenenie which must be accompanied by a doctor's supervision.

Small red pimples treated kureazinom that contains zinc and hyaluronic acid rapidly reduces inflammation, pimples dries, heals them without scars.If we are talking about pink acne, the common treatment is the use of anti-malarial drugs, Trichopolum vitamins.Exterior treatment begins with lotions, creams cooling.After calming down of inflammation prescribe ointments and pastes with sulfur, tar, naftalan.If you find a tick - Zheleznitsa, the culprit in the formation of rosacea, held antiparasitic treatment (method M.P.Demyanovicha).From physiotherapy methods used Cryomassage and electrocoagulation.Avoid precipitating factors contributing to the expansion of blood vessels face: the cold, the sun's rays.It is necessary to comply with sparing diet, give up the use of decorative cosmetics.

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