Beauty - ABC 16 new terms with a breakdown of cosmetologist


modern trend in the medical and aesthetic field, allows you to save the youth, slimness and beauty of any woman for many years, as well as reverse the process, achieving total healing and rejuvenation.Anti-Age - one of the most popular and promising directions of progressive science in the field of beauty and health.


Cosmetic injection procedure of active substances into the skin of the face and body.The most commonly used for the introduction of hyaluronic acid - a natural component of our skin.The procedure has an intensive anti-aging, firming and moisturizing effect, smoothes skin texture, smooths wrinkles and makes the woman visually younger and well-groomed.

blotter paper strips tester offered in perfumeries to explore the flavor.Quality Tester consists of a thin paper that does not contain glue and perfectly absorbs any moisture.Paper can store fragrance perfume in 10 days.


popular method of coloring that combines the highlights and hair colorin

g, thereby creating a unique natural effect, iridescent soft colors, healthy curls.In coloring most commonly used natural colors from natural blonde to deep chocolate.


Cosmetic treatment, suggesting effects on the skin of warm water vapor, sprayed under pressure.The procedure allows to soften the top layers of the skin, the pores expand and increase blood circulation in the problem area.It is often used before other salon treatments as a preparatory stage.

Hyaluronic acid

substance, which is a natural component of our skin and has the unique ability to capture and retain moisture.It is used for injection procedures for entering into the deeper layers of skin, and as a component of cosmetic products (creams, serums, masks).It has a pronounced moisturizing, rejuvenating and firming effect.


popular cosmetic product, which is composed of light-reflecting particles that make a person visually younger and fresher.Tool lightens skin, giving it a healthy glow and shine.Available in liquid and dry versions.

Mask patch

fabric, paper or gel base impregnated with active and caring staff offers customers individually wrapped.The mask is pasted on the problem area and removed after a certain time.Most often masks patches have anti-eydzhingovuyu orientation.


Natural or synthetic analogs of vitamin A, widely used in cosmetics for combating inflammatory skin diseases (acne, excessive oiliness of the skin), and age-related changes (photoaging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and elasticity, uneven pigmentation and hyperkeratosisskin).

Thermage (radiolifting)

non-surgical cosmetic procedures skin tightening of the face and body, is the impact on the problem areas of radio waves of a certain frequency.Radio waves cause a reduction and compaction of collagen fibers responsible for skin tone.The procedure allows to "tighten" the skin has lost its elasticity, to correct the contours of the face and body, as well as get rid of loose fat.


Cosmetic means for creation of a temporary effect of full, sensual lips.The composition typically includes means reflective pigments, complex peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid as well as components that cause the blood flow to the lip surface.Available in the form of lipsticks, lip gloss or gel.

Sugar peeling

Cosmetic procedure exfoliate the top layers of skin with natural cane sugar.The procedure promotes rejuvenation, alignment and color of the relief of the epidermis, keeping the blood supply, elasticity and tone of the upper layers of the skin, facilitates the subsequent penetration of active substances with further cosmetic procedures.


One of the safest and most comfortable methods of "cold" (non-thermal effects) hair extensions.Building is finished by adding a separate strand bioadhesives their hair braided in pigtails.Correction is needed as the unwinding of braids or regrowth of the hair roots.


complex dynamic and static exercises for the face and neck muscles, which is used in cosmetics for the activation of metabolic processes, increase blood circulation, eliminate and prevent the formation of facial wrinkles, support muscle tone and elasticity of the skin in problem areas, elimination of edema, as well as generalrejuvenation.


fashionable cosmetic product, - one of the varieties lyuminayzerov - containing a part of reflective components and used in decorative make-up to create a spectacular image of the "output".The tool gives the skin smoothness, radiance and youthfulness, emphasizes the benefit most attractive features.


method of non-contact deposition of fine particles tone means using spray whereby concealer goes smoothly, evenly and firmly, without the need for subsequent adjustments.Eyrbrashing - one of the most hygienic methods of applying a tonal framework.

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