Treatment of eczema on the hands

Eczema - allergic skin disease with persistent recurrent course.When eczema occur at the hands of the red spots, and rough to the touch roughened.

If eczema is just beginning or have been mild, the spots may be pale pink or pinkish-beige color.In severe eczema spots become dark red.Eczema is getting wet, then shelled, has sharp and chronic.

on a red background stains pour liquid-filled vesicles, oozing areas formed after opening the vials.Gradually, moist areas podzhivaet, and then the hands are shelled.Eczema occurs paroxysmal, so all stages of the process (bubbles oozing, scabs and peeling) are present at the same time, which is the most common symptom of eczema.The disease is accompanied by severe itching and scratching is often complicated by microbial infection.

most frequent localization of eczema - the rear of the hands and face.In advanced stages of the disease spreads over large areas of the body.Usually eczema lasts for many months or even years, acquiring a chronic form.Patients itching, d

isturbing the peace and sleep.Affected skin while thickens, it becomes hard and dense, there is peeling of hands, and occasionally formed painful cracks, especially between the fingers.

Treatment of eczema on the hands directed to repayment of the disease process, by eliminating or mitigating the cutaneous manifestations of the disease, the general state of relief, treatment of internal diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems.Held individual drug therapy, depending on the availability of internal diseases.For all patients it is important to observe proper food and living conditions.

The complex treatment includes desensitizing therapy: autohemotherapy, intravenous calcium chloride (hot shot), sodium thiosulfate.The purpose of this treatment - to reduce the overall body's sensitivity to allergens.Assign also antihistamine and sedative drugs, including tranquilizers.

Local treatment depends on the stage of eczema.If there is only one nevskryvshihsya erythema and vesicles use powder (zinc, talc, starch), mash or neutral paste.In acute inflammation and is used to soak the cooling lotions and compresses (eg furatsillina solution).In chronic eczema prescribed heat treatment: warm baths, hot compress, ultraviolet irradiation.

At all stages of the treatment of eczema ointment applied hormone, and in severe forms - hormones administered orally or by injection.Patients should protect hands from irritation by the wind, cold, random mechanical forces, which used bandages.Affected skin is prohibited to wet with water or wash with soap and water, they need to be cleaned with liquid oils.

autumn and spring is recommended to carry out preventive course of anti-treatment.Preventive course usually involves fortifying and stimulating agents, as well as decoctions and infusions of herbs (nettle, sage, licorice, St. John's wort, sage) and bath for ingestion.Patients with eczema should be under medical supervision.

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