Prostate Cancer : Questions to ask your doctor

Prostate Cancer : Questions to ask your doctor
diagnosis of "prostate cancer" is able to scare not only the patient but also his family.

main task after the discovery of the disease is to know about it as much as possible.

In this article you will find basic questions about the diagnosis of "prostate cancer", which need to ask your doctor.

How much time do I have to decide on the treatment

Through the development of methods of diagnosis, most cases of prostate cancer (CaP) are identified at an early stage.

Even 20 years ago, about 2/3 of the cases detected in the advanced stages, when the tumor was already quite large or has metastasized, says Peter Carroll, head of the department of urology at the University of California (San Francisco, USA).Now the progressive form of cancer among newly detected is less than 2%.

In other words, you have time to make a decision about treatment.Take the time to find out more about the disease, ask questions.However, too much delay is still not worth it.The tumor will not wait for years.

How aggressive prostate cancer in my case

find out whether the tumor will grow slowly or quickly gives metastases hard enough.Most men over 70 years old are found in the prostate cancer cells that are not life threatening.

question about the aggressiveness of the tumor the doctor decides on the basis of the results of digital rectal examination, the level of prostate-specific antigen, instrumental examinations (eg ultrasound) and biopsy.

also takes into account the age, nationality, and the presence of cancer in the other family members.In each case, the risk of metastasis is strictly individual.

is important is whether the age at which prostate cancer arose

Yes.At a young age prostate cancer usually milder than in older men.

Age also plays a role in the choice of treatment.For example, a man under the age of 40 years, which plans to have children, the possibility of impotence and infertility on the background of the operation or radiation therapy for certain care more than 70-year-old patient.

That is why he can choose expectant management monitor the tumor and decide on treatment only when it is expressed growth.

What are the risks and benefits of prostate

selected cancer treatment I Prostate cancer can be treated in various ways, including surgery, radiation therapy and the use of drugs.And we developed three kinds of major operations, two approaches to the conduct of radiotherapy and some chemotherapy drugs that suppress the growth of cancer.

said Howard Scher, head of the department of oncological diseases of the genitourinary system Cancer Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering (New York), it allows physicians to choose the best method in each case.However, each time it is necessary to weigh the potential risks and benefits.That is why it is so important to discuss them with your doctor.

What are the practical considerations in choosing a method of treatment of prostate cancer

choosing a method of treatment, it is necessary to think not only about the risks and benefits.Taking into account and practical issues.

Take for example radiation treatment.In external beam therapy, the patient should be 5 times a week for 8-9 weeks to come to the hospital for a short treatments.But when using internal radiotherapy prostate during a small operation that takes less than 2 hours radioactive implants are introduced in the form of grains.

Some men prefer to do without surgery and go to radiotherapy, while others better once visited the hospital where they put temporary or permanent implants.

If I prefer to wait, how often you need to pass

examination Usually the active monitoring includes determining the level of prostate-specific antigen every 3-4 months, periodic imaging of the tumor using ultrasound and repeat biopsy tissue.

How will the decision on the treatment of close people

Identify any type of cancer hurts the whole family, who often perceive this diagnosis as a sentence.People close to you can have your own opinion about what you need and do not need to do.Consider their feelings.

However, it is important to remember that treatment decisions should only take you.Since treatment can affect sexual function and quality of sexual life, it is necessary to discuss with a partner.An open and honest conversation will help you both cope with possible complications during surgery or radiation treatment.

How easy for me to watchful waiting for prostate cancer

With the advent of early diagnosis methods more and more men are resolved to actively monitor the tumor.However, as explained by Dr. Carroll, about 1/3 of the men go to treatment, not because the tumor is changing, but because it is simply unpleasant to live with cancer.

In some cases, additional help talking to your doctor, who explains the features and benefits to the patient observation of the tumor.

How do I decide what to choose: surgery or radiation therapy

In some cases, where there are strict indications for a particular treatment, do not need to decide anything.The doctor may recommend surgery if there are no metastases, and the health of man allows him to operate.

In the propagation of the tumor to other organs or the presence of risk surgery may help radiation therapy.However, in many cases, such evidence is not clear.Then it is important to weigh the risks and benefits, and together with your doctor choose the treatment method that is most like you.

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