15 April

Makeup for blue eyes : the secrets of make-up artists

Makeup for blue eyes : the secrets of make-up artists
blue eyes are often associated with the image of Russian beauties.Indeed, the Russian girls with a characteristic type of appearance (light skin, eyes and hair) blue eye color is more common in girls than in Eastern and Asian type.

This time I will help Russian beauties correct accents in make-up with the help of the shadows so that the parties attached profitable natural shade of blue eyes.

How to do makeup for blue eyes: Tips

  • For everyday wear make-up choose the shade of soft pink and gray-brown.Sisyrinchium suited quiet, gentle pastel shades as possible, with all the make-up should be moderate.Almost perfect combination is considered deep blue eyes with a variety of pale pink, silver, pastel lilac and golden hues of shadows.Also nice to blue eyes look bright gray-brown, deeper purple tones or the colors pearly.
  • evening, try experimenting with dark blue shadows.If desired, blue eyes may well come as a dark blue color.This shade will make any deep blue eyes are incredibly expressive and most wil
    l look good on a very blue eyes shade of turquoise.Make
  • pink make-up for a romantic evening.Oddly enough, bright pink color scheme will be able to give greater depth of blue eyes.This scale can be an excellent option to go out with a beloved man.Just do not forget to put drops in the eye drops after a day to remove the vascular mesh - or the shadows accentuate her attention.
  • Do not be afraid of black.For a party, you can use black shadows, combining with any lighter shades.Never reject a particular shade, never tested on myself this tone.Perhaps this is one that you do not like the visual, it can be yours.
  • Avoid blue and brown-red shades.Failed look at the make-up with blue eye shadows blue hue matched in tone to the very eyes.Such a shade blend in with your eyes, give all manner of unnatural.Shadows of rich brown with red midtone also not the best option for makeup.These brown shades can give pain, and possibly even swelling of your eyes as if you were crying for a long time.But sometimes we can choose browns shadows that look interesting.This may be, for example, clay hues, shades coffee shades copper bronze.

Irina Kutuzova, makeup Oriflame

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