Treatment of dermatitis in adults

dermatitis treatment in adults is very diverse therapeutic methods as compared to treatment in children.Spectrum allergens also expands considerably due to the interaction of the active with an adult environment.

In adults, along with food allergens may be a precipitating factor chemicals: formalin, turpentine, glue, plastic, nickel, chrome.Many revealed an allergy to antibiotics and other drugs.Possible allergic to one (any) of the factors, and possibly to more than one (polyvalent sensitization).

Atopic dermatitis in adults treated like atopic dermatitis, as occurs in the form of this disease.This inflammatory lesions are located mainly on the limbs, in the pits bend, but can spread to the neck, back, chest, buttocks (common form is called atopic dermatitis).Neurodermatitis is also accompanied by severe itching, and therefore is often complicated by a bacterial infection in areas of scratching.Since atopic dermatitis lowered protective cellular immunity factors, these patients susceptible to infecti

on with viruses, the frequency of herpes virus with severe relapses.

most effective method for the treatment of atopic dermatitis is to remove the major allergen from the diet or the patient's environment.Well-known food allergens too explicit excluded from the diet (fish, caviar, shrimp, eggs, whole milk, honey, nuts, tsirusovye).Next assigned medication outwardly and inwardly.Outside the treatment depends on the extent and nature of damage to the skin, his goal - to make rapid decay of the disease process and restore the skin structure.Usually this ointments, creams, aerosols, containing hormones, and in complicated cases added antiseptics.

antibiotic ointment for atopic dermatitis use is inappropriate, as this may lead to more of an allergic reaction, but the layering of bacterial infection prescribe appropriate antibiotics by mouth or by injection.Inside appointed antihistamines (pipolfen, suprastin or others.), They relieve itching and improve the sleep of patients, which is important to prevent scratching during sleep.They are used as long-term courses of treatment zaditenom (ketotifen).Hormonal agents inside and injections are used only in severe cases.

The disease has a favorable prognosis for life, but can occur for a long time, for decades, with alternating periods of deterioration and improvement.

Atopic dermatitis in adults treated like a skin disease, but it is important to determine whether it is part of another disease, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, fungal infections.Unlike atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis caused by delayed-type hypersensitivity in response to contact with an allergen (allergy can occur in a few days, and inogda- a few weeks or even months after the beginning of exposure to irritants).Symptoms are similar, the only difference in the mechanism of their appearance.Atopic dermatitis includes several varieties, depending on the type of allergen (food, drug, professional, consumer).

treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults should begin with a thorough interview and examination of the patient, it must be strictly individual, because it is necessary to consider many factors.In addition to the individual drug treatment is very important to food and life modes of the patient, as well as efforts to reduce the overall sensitivity of the organism using autohemotherapy, intravenous calcium chloride, sodium hyposulfite.

Local treatment depends on the type of damage: if it is "dry", ieconsists of redness and flakes or nevskryvshihsya bubbles, then treatment is indicated powders (talc, zinc, starch), mash, neutral paste, and if the damage is "wet", iewith moist patches in the centers, the used cooling lotions and compresses (without wool) of knitting and disinfectant solutions.The affected areas of the skin can not be wetted with water and wash with soap and water, it is better to clean the skin with liquid oils.In addition, the sore spots should be protected from external stimuli (wind, cold, snow, and other mechanical impacts), for a bandage to protect the possibility of avoiding contact with the fur, wool and flannel, which can worsen the disease.When properly selected treatment and lifestyle manifestations of atopic dermatitis subside within two to three weeks, but with repeated exacerbations of the disease becomes chronic.

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