Proper skin care

By skin condition can be judged not only on age but also on the degree of maintenance.It should be as soon as possible to begin to take care of their skin, and the presence of acne - from the very young age.

Daily treatments for skin care will not take much time - only 5-10 minutes in the morning and in the evening, but the result will be noticeable.The full program of the correct skin care consists of four basic steps: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing.Due to the differences between the different types of skin are taken into account the peculiarities of their care and use appropriate cosmetics.

Features care for dry skin

Dry skin has a small amount of sebaceous glands and a thin layer of subcutaneous fat.Outwardly, it looks matte, translucent, smooth and delicate.At a young age she looks perfect on it does not pour out pimples and acne.But this skin is thin and sensitive to the adverse effects that cause redness and irritation.It is prone to peeling, not tolerate many soaps and cosme

tics, reacts on water quality.If insufficient care, it quickly loses its elasticity, her early wrinkles.

Dry skin increases with age, due to dehydration of the skin.Very dry mature skin becomes even thinner, dehydrated and covered with fine wrinkles.Features dryness acquires age and other types of leather.Dry skin needs constant protection from drying and from harmful influences.A special feature is the gentle care approach: You can not use exfoliating masks, scrubs and peels, alcohol-based lotions and masks solidified.Do not also use fat-free gels.

Moisturize the skin should be regular and abundant, do not forget about nutrition.If there was peeling, redness or a feeling of tightness, instead of a night cream should be used ointment D-panthenol.Soothe the skin to help broth chamomile or lime, as well as jojoba or almond in the form of compresses.

sequence of facial skin care for dry type:

morning is enough to rinse your face with warm water or a special cleaning lotion before applying day cream.Day cream should have a light texture, necessarily contain filters that protect from the sun, oil and moisturizing ingredients.In the evening, you need to wash with lukewarm water using a cleansing milk.After washing, wipe the face with a cotton swab moistened with a soothing lotion for dry skin.Then they applied a night cream, rich in fat and moisturizing substances (liposomes and ceramides).If the skin is dehydrated, you can optionally apply a moisturizer cream.After the sauna, the gym or the pool, it is recommended to make nourishing and moisturizing mask.

Features care when

oily skin Oily skin is visible pores and shine, because of what looks like orange peel.It features a tendency to the formation of blackheads and pimples, poor blood supply.Excess sebum prevents wrinkles.By adulthood greasiness of the skin decreases, and it becomes combination.The goal of care is to correct the apparent shortcomings and to prevent the formation of pimples and blackheads.

sequence of facial skin care for oily type:

Face Care morning is different from the previous type - with oily skin need to wash in the morning using cleansers (gel, cream or cosmetic soap).Then apply a moisturizing day cream for oily skin, and in the summer - the hydrogel.You can use the mineral powder for a matting effect.

evening should be more thoroughly cleanses the skin, because oily skin cleansing is becoming a major procedure, which prevents the appearance of acne and blackheads.For refreshment and disinfection after washing can be cleaned with alcohol-based skin lotion, then apply a night cream for oily skin.To combat the increased keratinization and fat that trigger inflammation, once or twice a week, the skin is treated with scrubs or cleansing masks.When blackheads and pimples should immediately start treatment.

Features care for combination skin

combined or mixed skin is characterized by the fact that in some areas it is oily, and the other is normal or dry.They are usually greasy nose, chin and forehead (T-zone), they see the large pores, oily sheen.Combination skin is very common in young people, and with good care over the years can become normal.Use a variety of tools for facial skin on different areas: reducing greasiness and pores in the T-zone, moisturizes and softens dry areas.Mixed skin also needs protection from the sun, heat and cold wind.

sequence of facial skin care with mixed type:

morning rinse face with cool or lukewarm water, the T-zone is treated with a cleansing cream and wash off, then wipe the face lotion, tonic.Apply a day cream for combination skin, and - more abundant in the dry areas.Evening face cleansing milk, gel or cream and wash off with warm water.Rub the face tonic or toilet water, the T-zone can be further wiped with an alcohol lotion.

Finally applied moisturizer (preferably liquid cream or emulsion) for normal (or dry) skin on areas other than the T-zone.Deep cleaning of the skin cleansing scrubs or masks do 1-2 times a week, with care using (or not using) in dry areas.Nutritious masks 1-2 times a week will help to improve the skin's structure and give it a fresh look.

Features of care for normal skin

features is that it is the simplest, which includes the most usual hygienic procedures to keep your skin healthy and young as long as possible.For the care needed only two treatments: cleansing and protection from external influences.To retain moisture, it is better not to use alcohol-based lotions and soaps are not exposed to strong sunlight.

sequence of facial skin care in normal type:

morning wash softened water at room temperature or cool using cleansers for normal skin (cream, gel, lotion).Then clean the skin with a neutral lotion and apply a protective day cream with a filter for normal skin or a little powder, if the weather is mild.In the evening to remove make-up, wipe the face with milk and rinse with water.It can be applied to the liquid wet night cream for normal skin.Once a week (or less) helpful to use a mask, cleanse the skin with a steam bath or a scrub.

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