Beautiful hands with a manicure is always

Beautiful hands with a manicure is always
Manicure is part of the beautiful hands, because so popular in our society.Indeed, the well-groomed nails with a lustrous finish nice complement our appearance.But it is not only brilliance, because we see healthy nails.

Manicure do not just make beautiful shape nails, he is shown with thickening of the skin on the side edges, with uneven expansions of cuticle and nail edges, in order to avoid the formation of burrs and cracks.In diseases of the nails can not do manicures.

Hygienic manicure done once a week or every two weeks, edging or not edging method.If you are doing a manicure in the salon, pay attention to compliance with sanitary conditions and appearance of the master, and the availability of sterile toolbox.After all, work is connected not only manicure with nails but with skin: removing the cuticle from the nail base, corns, burrs.All this requires the maintenance of perfect cleanliness in the office and in the workplace, the accuracy of the master and the purity of her hands, disinfection

of instruments, to avoid germs entering through the skin with minor injuries.

can do manicure at home.First, you must wash your hands with soap and water, hold hands brushing.Remove the old varnish, then make a warm hand bath with soda or soap and water, to soften the skin and nails.After that, rub into the base of the nail cuticle tool for detachment and leave for 10 minutes, meanwhile podpilivaya nails nail file, giving them a beautiful oval.Fingernails should protrude slightly beyond the edge of the finger.Crop dry fingernails scissors or wire cutters is not recommended that they are not cracked.

softening nail rollers gently with a spatula or a special push rod, then peel off cuticle cut special tool: scissors, clippers or French fork, being careful not to injure the nail fold.When using a special liquid, removing the skin, you can not cut it, only push.Too overgrown skin on the edges of the nail clippers also removed.

fingers then were rinsed with water, acidified with vinegar or lemon juice to neutralize the reaction of the skin after application of alkaline solution.Hands carefully wipe with a soft cloth.nail polishing begins with the application of a colorless substrate.For everyday use, suitable varnishes natural shades, and for special occasions can be applied paints bright colors.

Young hands look good with any bright color nail polish and age you need to choose the tone more closely.To accelerate the drying of the applied varnish will help special agent, which is applied over the varnish.To make nails beautiful gloss (this applies to men) is used instead of a special lacquer powders and pastes, by means of which the nail polish the surface using a suede brush.

Peach and olive oil used in the manicure of hands with very dry skin and cracks of the nail fold.In this case, instead of soap solution fingers immersed for 10-15 minutes in a preheated oil.If there is a wound or a crack, they are treated with hydrogen peroxide or smeared with iodine (remember that iodine stains the skin).Later, when blood stops, you can lubricate the healing cream, for example, D-panthenol.

After the procedure, it is desirable to process around the nail healing cream, and the entire brush apply a nourishing cream.Well-groomed hands - it is not just beautiful manicure, but also a smooth, elastic, soft skin.

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