Treatment of low back pain

Acute back pain may be indicative of diseases such as lumbago and sciatica related to degenerative disc disease category nekoreshkovyh stages.Lumbago - it suddenly encountered severe pain called lumbago in people.

Lumbago is considered the first sign of the presence of lumbar degenerative disc disease.The disease occurs most often during an awkward movement, heavy lifting or prolonged physical effort.Adds probability lumbago trunk rotation during the inclination and the combination of hypothermia with physical effort.

pain resembles an electric shock, the person freezes in place, bathed in cold sweat.Further movement, even the slightest rustle of conversation - increase the pain.Pain can cover the entire lower back, lower abdomen, buttocks, sometimes gives the chest.Relief brings the lying position.When lumbago is characterized by muscle tension in the lumbar region.They look protruding ridges on both sides of the spine, causing a flattening of the lumbar bending back (rarely the other way around, too

concave back).When the feeling of muscle soreness expressed rollers and the spinous processes of the vertebrae.Lumbago - acute disease, with adequate treatment takes place in a few days.

lumbalgia differs from lumbago moderate chronic back pain, too, as a result of degenerative changes (osteoarthritis are) in the lumbar spine.This pain occurs after a single heavy physical exertion or repeated physical fatigue, sometimes after injury or hypothermia waist.There may be other reasons that trigger pain.

For lumbalgia characterized by a gradual increase in pain as long as it does not become as intense as in lumbago.Patients can move, but they find it difficult to bend, and then more difficult to straighten.They are forced to frequently change the position of the body, because the pain increases, if long standing or sitting.In the supine position the pain is reduced due to the reduction of load on the lumbar spine.Usually the pain aching, more worried in the morning and can take place during the day, when a person "at odds."Unlike pain in lumbago lumbalgia appears on one hand, it gives a buttock.

Sciatica - another manifestation of lumbar degenerative disc disease, characterized by the manifestation of pain for him, not only in the back, but in one or both legs.Usually the disease is preceded by hypothermia or increased load on the muscles of the waist and legs.The pain can be aching, burning, compressing, by force almost like lumbago.Vascular tone legs sharply increased, due to insufficient blood flow leg cold, it felt coldness, numbness.

Treatment of pain associated with spinal cord injuries, start with painkillers.Used ketonal or ketorol in injections, often in combination with Mydocalm drug that helps relax tense muscles.In the complex treatment regimen must include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltaren, diclofenac, meloxicam, nimesulide) and milgamma in injections.The course of treatment for lumbago shorter than for lumbodynia and sciatica.

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