Stepper for weight loss : exercise plan

Stepper for weight loss : exercise plan
Compact and easy to use stepper exercise machine is popular.Experienced athletes it is an instrument for keeping in shape, and women successfully use the stepper to lose weight.

According to medical research, the most active process of fat burning occurs during aerobic training.Walking up the stairs is suitable for this purpose perfectly.

stepper simulates climbing stairs.No wonder it got its name from the English word "step", which means "step".

In addition to training on the stepper contribute to weight loss, they form a beautiful trim silhouette and train the breath.


  1. stepper Mini stepper.This is a simplified version of the simulator consists of only two pedals and a display for data output.
  2. Stepper.Pedal simulator equipped with a handrail for convenience.
  3. elliptical stepper.It is considered a professional trainer, as the movement on it are carried out on a complex trajectory, which allows to use large muscle groups.

Benefits stepper

  • Low weight and small dimensions
  • low price
  • intuitive way to use simulator
  • ability to adjust the load
  • Individual selection of training schemes, depending on the complexity of
  • level Training on the stepper use all muscles of the body withfocus on leg muscles
  • Stepper for weight loss is effective to combat the fat deposits on the most problematic parts of the female body


How to deal with stepper

Before you start training on the stepper you need to make 10-minute warm-up, which will help to warm up all the muscles of the body and prepare the joints to loads.

not recommended to install the simulator in a room with excessively bright artificial or natural light.Better to choose a room or shaded patio with well-ventilated but draft-free.

Since training on the stepper to lose weight, do not immediately begin to high loads.The degree of intensity should increase gradually.

During the training you need to monitor the pulse.Its calculation is carried out according to the scheme: 180 beats per minute minus your age.For example, a 40-year-old athlete's heart rate should not go off-scale for 140 strokes.

When classes are not the simulator you need to follow the correct position of the body.Feet should be parallel to each other and do not hang outside the pedals.The head should be lifted, and your back straight.When using the handrails do not need to rely on them too much.This will reduce the effectiveness of training.

Finally, training on the simulator load should decrease.After a workout, you must perform a set of stretching exercises.

should not eat later than one hour before the workout.After class, you can back up force no earlier than 30 minutes.For a snack fit complex carbohydrates (fruits, cereals without sugar and butter), and protein foods (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt).

Driving stepper workouts for weight loss

For beginners it is optimal daily activity on the simulator for 10 minutes.If you adhere to this frequency is difficult, you can do 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes or to allocate for training one day a week and takes an hour.

can use the following training plan to achieve high results.The scheme is designed to month.Occupation Rate - three times a week.

first week.Running three sets of two-minute sessions, between which is followed by one minute break.

second week.Two sets of three-minute sessions with a minute break between them.After the second approach - one minute rest and another two minutes sessions.

Third week: four-minute lessons + one minute rest;Three minutes lessons + one minute rest;three minutes sessions.

Week four: a five-minute training session plus one minute of recovery;4 minute lessons + one minute rest;Four minutes sessions.

Stepper Diet: contraindications

  • Severe chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • late pregnancy
  • Pathology of the locomotor system (diseases of the spine, knee)
  • Infectious diseases in the acute period

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