How do piercings

How do piercings
spread among the youth piercing is controversial: it is annoying or even sympathy, they admire and admire the courage of those who pierce their nostrils, lips and other parts of the body.Someone does not understand this "fun", and someone wants to look as trendy.Many people will be interested to know how to do the piercing and what are the possible consequences of this procedure.

Before deciding on the piercing procedure should be acquainted with the rules of its implementation, as well as competent to hear expert advice and weigh the pros and cons.

How do piercing salon

first and most important rule: if you do a piercing, make sure you in a specialized salon!

Do not forget that it is a mini-operation, and it should be conducted under appropriate conditions, and themselves decorations must be of high quality materials, the use of which the risk of allergies and other inconveniences minimal.

Inside, with a professional approach to the process of piercing customers voiced the following rules:

  • presence of an identity document;
  • client should not be less than 18 years;
  • children and adolescents is available for only one procedure performed in the presence of parents - ear piercings.

Before the procedure, a specialist will advise in detail and shows you how to do the piercing, giving the customer a choice of ornaments made of different materials: surgical steel, zirconium, silver, gold and others.

have not yet formed a hole, it is recommended to use a jewelry alloy Implantanium - hypoallergenic and relatively inexpensive.The cost of services is generated from the price of jewelry and pay masters.

piercing procedure consists of the following:

  • decorations are sterilized in an autoclave sterilizing solution or heat cabinet;
  • room for punctures on the client's body disinfected, is marking a special marker;
  • medical clamps fixed punctured place;
  • one motion disposable needle puncture is made, it is inserted decoration, carefully secured;
  • puncture site is treated with sterile cloth.

On request can be local anesthesia, most often it is carried out at punctures sensitive zones - nipples language.For anesthesia, lidocaine is injected by syringe or other substance used in dentistry.

All manipulations master conducts exclusively in sterile disposable latex gloves.

dangerous procedure and the possible consequences piercing

Is piercing dangerous?It should be recognized that the potential danger to human health exists, even if the procedure is carried out in a specialized salon.

the presence of sterilized instruments and a thorough knowledge of how to do the piercing, the master, not having medical education, can not sufficiently be guided in matters of anatomy and making a puncture, damage to blood vessels, leading to severe bleeding or puncture in the eyebrows hurtnerve, the consequence of which may be a partial paralysis of the face.

most common complications of body piercing:

  • allergic inflammation of the puncture site (culprit - nickel contained in almost all the earrings and often causes an allergy);
  • infection penetrated into the body by the use of poorly sterilized instruments (and thus can be transmitted hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS);
  • long healing of wounds on the navel because of the wrong thickness selected puncture;
  • damage milk ducts in women with nipple piercings;
  • hearing impairment when uncontrolled piercing the upper part of the ear;
  • penetration piercing jewelry, poorly fixed in the oral cavity, the respiratory tract and esophagus;
  • scarring on lacerations, obtained as a result of injury sites with piercings.

In addition, there are more serious consequences:

  • general sharp deterioration of health due to the so-called tunnels in the ears;
  • loss of taste sensation, the development of gum disease, tooth decay, excessive salivation, speech defects, violation of swallowing in the presence of jewelry in the mouth;
  • acute inflammation of the cornea with the threat of blindness as a result of the action of toxic components contained in the jewelry on the face;
  • spread listed at piercing the nostrils of infection through the blood vessels in the brain.

young people seriously interested in how to do body piercing, be sure to familiarize yourself with possible complications and side effects of this procedure: even salon treatment does not guarantee the safety of health, which is not worth to sacrifice fashion.

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