Waltzing improves heart

The results show how useful dance for people with heart failure.

In a new study, people with heart failure, who began to dance, noted that they fell short of breath, appeared endurance and generally they start feeling better.

«Dance heals the heart as well as a special set of physical exercises, designed for people with heart failure," - says Romualdo Belardinelli, Professor of Cardiology, Medical Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Del Marsh and director of the Center for rehabilitation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases at the Institutestudy Lantsizi heart in Ancona, Italy.

«Dancing really help people feel better," - he says.

Exercises and long life

The findings show that people with heart failure who receive regular exercise live longer and the quality of life they are better than those who are sedentary.

«But long-term exercise program is not very successful, because about 70% of patients no longer deal with", - says Belardinelli.

Scientists chose the waltz, because it is a un

iversal and very beautiful dance.However, a slow dance must be no less effective.

The study involved 89 men and 21 women with heart failure of mild to moderate severity.

Heart failure occurs when the heart no longer pumps blood into the vessels with the necessary force (so-called impaired pumping function of the heart).This leads to fluid accumulation in the lungs and other body tissues.People with heart failure of mild to moderate severity can walk and even climb up and down the stairs, but get tired much earlier than healthy.

Study participants were engaged 3 times a week for two months.44 people biked and ran on a treadmill.Other 44 people were dancing, waltz alternating five minutes at a slow pace, and three minutes at a fast for 21 minutes.Other participants were not engaged in any one type of exercise.

Dancers oxygen is used efficiently

Studies have shown that both exercise and waltzing increased revitalizing effect on the heart and improves breathing.

«A well-trained athletes, oxygen is used very efficiently, and muscles also begin to work better.It allows them to carry heavy loads for longer than the average person, - says Elliot M. Antmen, MD.- Similarly, dances and physical exercises help patients with heart failure to use the incoming oxygen more efficiently and lead an active life without shortness of breath. "

experiment showed that the use of oxygen by the body among the dancers improved by 18%, while in the group, engaged in the program of exercises - 16%.Among those participants who did not receive physical activity, no change at all was not recorded.

Quality of life has improved in the group of dancers.

«Dancing proved to be an attractive and interesting way to heart failure prevention, - says Antmen.- I would highly recommend this type of exercise. "

Robert O. Bono, chief cardiologist of the Faculty of Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg in Chicago, believes that part of the benefits of dance is that people communicate with each other, and do not walk on the treadmill by themselves alone.

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