Nutrition for the liver disease

What should be the food for liver disease?

Whatever life rhythm we did there, what would be among us or others, we must remember that our health is in our hands.When we feel bad, it does not mean you have to wait, when there will be even worse.If we feel good, it does not mean that it always will be.The liver needs constant care, because in many respects it determines the state of our health, appearance, and even the mood!

Considering the way we live, we are able to assess the risk for liver and choose the strategy of its protection.It is believed that most of the liver suffers from alcohol abuse, malnutrition and receiving a large amount of drugs.We have to admit that everything happens title of our choice.It is a choice of what to eat with liver disease, we start taking care of it.Once again, remember the healing diet №5 as a guide, as well as a general rule diet for liver disease: refuse to fatty, smoked, spicy and fried foods, egg yolks, carbonated beverages, alcohol, strong cold and strong hot di


Another important point - is the regularity of eating, becauseBile is released only when it arrives in the body (innate reflex).There are better in small portions, but often at the same time in one and the same time to "teach" the body time to allocate a portion of the bile for the digestion of food.Recommended vegetable soups, boiled lean meat and fish, cereal, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.All meals for liver disease should be steamed, boiled or baked in the oven, that is necessary to avoid frying.It is important to note the possibility of individual intolerances, in such cases, they must be discarded.

Remember, legumes and milk eaten separately from other products, particularly harmful to mix them with bread and starches.Most preferred juice for liver disease: carrot and apple, both with the addition of beet.You can drink a special mineral water in a heated state.When stagnation of bile can be taken with herbal immortelle, corn silk, barberry, and St. John's wort.Of the products especially increase the secretion of bile beets, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, apples, prunes.Sprouted wheat grain accelerate liver regeneration.


recipes from liver disease

nutritionists offer, here are some of them:

1.Salat beet.Beets boiled or steamed in the microwave, rub on a grater.Walnut fry and crush with a rolling pin.Prunes (soak) cut.All mix and sour cream.You can add salt and sugar to taste.

2.Salat Greek.Cabbage, lettuce, sweet pepper cut.Tomatoes "Cherry" and pitted olives cut in half.Fetaksu dice.All mix, salt, season with olive oil.

3.Zakuska of Funchoza.Funchoza boil and combine with stewed mixed vegetables green peas (can be frozen), peppers, zucchini, carrots and greens.

4.Zakuska of grown wheat.Wheatgrass wash, pour over boiling water, cover with salted water for 10 minutes, then grind in a blender.Grate beets, carrots, chopped dried apricots.All the mix, add cranberries and honey.

5.Sup - mashed potatoes.Small crushed peas (like wheat groats) rinse, put in boiling water and cook 10Minutes.Then add the chopped potatoes, and when it boils, sauerkraut and cook for 15 minutes.For refueling fry the onions until golden brown, lightly fry the carrots and herbs in sunflower oil.Refuelling connect with soup for a minute until it is ready.Bay leaf, pepper, curry - to taste.

6.Vatrushka potato.Cook about 1 kg of potatoes and rub through a sieve, add 1 tablespoon of flour.l, butter, salt.Potato mass roll in the formation of about 2 cm, cut into circles and place on baking sheet, oiled.In the middle of the circle, make an indentation into which put the stuffing of grated cheese, mixed with a raw egg, sugar.Salt and vanilla.Cheesecake lubricate the beaten egg and bake in the oven.When serving pour a little melted butter.You can make mincemeat of other compositions, vegetable or meat, for an amateur.

Of the huge number of recipes is better to choose simple, available products, and to change them to your liking, keeping in mind the rules of nutrition in liver disease.

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