What is gingivitis

painful and bleeding gums can lead to rapid loss of teeth.

Gingivitis - an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gums.The disease is widespread.Most often, they suffer and pregnant teenagers (this is due to hormonal changes in the body during this period).Without proper treatment, the disease is complicated by periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

Causes of gingivitis

  • teeth growth;
  • malocclusion;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • pathology of the abdominal cavity;
  • weak immune system;
  • oral trauma physical, chemical and biological;
  • iatrogenic condition and others.

most common cause of gingivitis become infection of the oral cavity due to lack of proper hygiene (leftover food), as well as tartar, plaque, incorrectly set filling, mouth breathing, smoking.

In children a frequent cause of gingivitis are carious teeth, as up to seven years, the immune system is just being formed.

gingivitis accompany patients with liver disease and gall bladder, rheumatism, tuberculosis, diabetes, nephropat

hy, and so forth.


gingivitis gingivitis are catarrhal, ulcerative-necrotic, hypertrophic and atrophic.There are acute and chronic forms of the disease.Disease is exacerbated in the winter-spring period, when amplified bleeding gums.

In generalized form of the inflammatory process develops in the area of ​​the teeth, localized form manifested in one or more teeth.

catarrhal gingivitis manifested by redness, swelling of the mucous membrane of the gums, bleeding.The patient complains of a little itchy gums, pain while eating.

When necrotizing gingivitis on the mucous membrane of the gums appear ulcers and necrosis, accompanied by bad breath, severe tenderness of the gums.

overall health is also deteriorating, the patient feels general weakness may increase in body temperature up to 39º, swollen lymph nodes.

When hypertrophic gingivitis increased gingival papillae that cover part of the tooth.Initially, the disease does not manifest itself.Later, there bleeding and sore gums when you touch them, and during the meal.

In atrophic gingivitis, on the contrary, there is a decrease in the volume of gingival tissue (atrophy), gingival level drops, and it exposes the root of the tooth.Atrophic gingivitis causes pain in the cold or hot.

For the prevention of gingivitis need

  • regularly brush your teeth;
  • flossing;
  • every 3-6 months to do a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist.

Uncomplicated gingivitis lasts 7-10 days, chronic need to intensively treat.If gingivitis run, then there is the risk of periodontal disease, which often leads to loss of teeth than caries.

gingivitis Treatment should only be carried out by a dentist.

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