Cystitis in women : a latent threat

Cystitis in women : a latent threat
According to statistics, suffer from cystitis every fifth woman.This disease is not fatal, but can poison life.

frequent - up to 20 times per hour - urination, cutting pain during voiding, cramps in the abdomen, and the temperature - not the full clinical picture of cystitis in women.

If the inflammation is not treated, but only relieve symptoms, acute cystitis can become chronic.

Then the slightest weakening of the immune system, acute reception and fried foods, wearing tight clothing, and even sexual intercourse may well trigger a relapse of the disease that does not get tired to remind of itself over and over again.

How does cystitis in women

The cause of cystitis in the majority of cases is a bacterial infection - E. coli.Less commonly, it causes various kinds stafillokoka, steptokokka, chlamydia, ureaplasma, and other bacteria.

Due to poor hygiene, improper cleaning the, in the presence of a sexually transmitted disease microorganisms from the rectum, vagina, skin, as well as the sexual par

tner fall ascending path through the urethra into the bladder.Normally, it should reflect the attack of bacteria, but if the immune system is weakened - becomes inflamed.

provoke cystitis in women is irritation at the entrance to the urethra, which is why it breaks down the protective layer, and the bacteria easily penetrate inside.This can happen during active sexual intercourse, especially in the missionary position.There is even a term - "honeymoon cystitis".

Irritation occurs as the abuse of gels and soap while wearing tight or synthetic underwear.

cystitis in women may occur after exposure to cold, taking certain medications - sulfonamides, methenamine, agents that suppress the immune system, kidney stones, as well as due to the congenital malformations of the genitourinary system.

Why cystitis in women more commonly than men

Cystitis can attack any body, but in men inflammation of the bladder is extremely rare.It matters anatomy.

female urethra is short and wide - 4 cm, in contrast to the male urethra - 20 cm, by which bacteria enter the bladder is much more difficult.

Diagnosis of cystitis in women

disease is easily diagnosed.Because of its symptoms can not be ignored.But for effective treatment need to know what kind of bacterial infection was the cause of the inflammation, so appoint a general analysis of urine and blood, urine culture, ultrasound of the kidneys and the bladder and urine biochemical analysis.

forms of cystitis

During acute cystitis symptoms of the disease manifest themselves immediately.But with proper treatment the inflammation passes in a few days, and the mucosa of the bladder fully recovers.

However, if appointed the wrong treatment or interrupted course, as soon as the symptoms have disappeared, acute cystitis pass into a chronic form, and will occur in any precipitating factors.

speak about the chronic form of the disease is possible, if the inflammation is repeated 4-6 times a month.In any case, it is not necessary to self-medicate, and at the first symptoms should consult a doctor.

Treatment and prevention of cystitis in women

Inflammation of the bladder perfectly treatable with antibiotics.Usually their reception is required within 7-10 days to pathogens have not developed immunity to the drug.Along with medications prescribed bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids, including extracts of herbs.

To prevent cystitis need to carefully follow the hygiene, eliminate all diseases, provoking inflammation of the bladder, not supercool, avoiding factors that lead to cystitis, strengthen the immune system.

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