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Autumn : Care for lashes

Autumn : Care for lashes
The right choice of cosmetics and careful care can help restore weakened eyelashes summer sun, to strengthen them and prepare for the coming winter.

Autumn - the best time to's Skin treatments for eyelashes.From September to November, significantly reduced impact on the hairs of sunlight that will help your lashes better to take the means to care and to prepare for the winter cold.

combing and massage

Combing special brush stimulates the follicles of the eyelashes, improves hair growth and makes the appearance neat.The procedure should be prodelyvat twice a day - in the morning before applying make-up and in the evening - after.

should not neglect regular massage the skin around the eyes.Within 30 seconds, with fingertips with light tapping motions should go through the upper and lower eyelid away from the nose to the temples.Massage improves blood circulation, restores the metabolic processes in the skin of the eyelids.

Power oils

Oil masks are applied to the eyelashes using a brush for mascar

a or a fine comb for the eyelashes.To prepare for the effects of frost, low temperatures, activating the protective functions of cilia used nutritional compositions optimally at least 1-2 times a day for a month.

Forms masks

  • Sunflower, peach, almond oil will help to solve the problem of short, brittle lashes.
  • gloss hairs give fir and sea buckthorn oil, before applying it can be mixed with an oil solution of vitamin D.
  • To stimulate the growth of eyelashes, you can use burdock or castor oil or a mixture of equal proportions.
  • as follicle supply suitable oily solution of vitamin E, mixed with the juice of aloe.

Because fatty oils can clog the pores of the eyelids and fall on the mucous membrane of eyes, causing irritation and holding up an infection, try not to put a mask on the roots of eyelashes, and step back a little from the ground.

Cosmetics for eyelashes

When choosing mascara give preference to a product which is composed of biotin, keratin, vitamins A, C, E, provitamin B5, lanolin and UV-filters.If you are sensitive should choose hypoallergenic cosmetics for the eyes, without preservatives and flavorings.Quality tools should be confirmed by the certificate.

Change ink is necessary every three months, or more often: it quickly bacteria multiply, leading to irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye and eyelid skin.

Use the special cosmetics - Milk for removal of carcasses.If it is washed off with soap and water, can provoke a loss of eyelashes.Emollients, oil and vitamin supplements will make the process of makeup remover comfortable and fast.

should cilia to rest at least once a week.And it is better to completely abandon the eye makeup in the weekend.

Vitamins for eyelashes

Fortified colorless ink, designed for power, recovery and treatment of the eyelashes, the composition contains proteins, panthenol, glycerol, melanin, keratin.All these components ensure the strengthening and protection of the cilia, they need during the autumn period.Colorless ink can be used as an independent cosmetic and as a base for eye makeup.

summer body gets the maximum of vitamins, in the autumn to reduce their number is not necessary.Reception multivitamin complexes for health and beauty, and will not interfere in the overall course of the preparation of the body for the winter period.

for growth and density of eyelashes essential vitamins A, E, B5, B12.In its natural form their suppliers are butter, sour cream, eggs, liver, beef, eggs, fresh vegetables and fish.With the same purpose in the menu, you can enter the products that contain iodine, selenium and potassium:. Sea kale, grapes, nuts, seeds, etc.

A comprehensive approach to the restoration and protection of the eyelashes in the fall will allow them to effectively counter the adverse effects of wind, dust, temperature changesand weather.

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