Nutrition for acne

Doctors call skin health mirror.In fact, the skin is closely connected through the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems with a variety of organs and tissues of our body.

Power When acne

Doctors call skin health mirror.In fact, the skin is closely connected through the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems with a variety of organs and tissues of our body.The skin has an impact on the state of internal organs through the protective, teploreguliruyuschey and respiratory functions.On the other hand, the condition of internal organs, especially disorders of the digestive system, the effect on the skin.

sweating, itching of the skin, various rashes and pimples on it may be associated with the nervous system, stress, allergic reactions.Chronic gastric and intestinal diseases accompanied by impaired intestinal motor function, resulting in constipation, also affect the skin.So, pimples, rashes and organs are inextricably linked, especially the digestive system.

If spots began to appear with the d

isease, known as "acne vulgaris", associated with damage to the sebaceous glands, very often it is associated gastrointestinal disease and hypovitaminosis supporting skin disease.The emergence and persistent flow of pustular skin diseases, boils may contribute to high blood sugar levels, in this case examination to exclude diabetes mellitus.Currently, all the more common rosacea (rosacea), a disease associated with damage to the sebaceous glands and blood vessels of the skin.

Power When acne

All of these health disorders require correction power.For example, if pink acne should limit table salt and sweets, flour products, vinegar, pepper and other "sharp" spices.Do not get involved in strong tea and coffee.That is, the limit that is harmful to the blood vessels or cause increased secretion of glands.Useful variety of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, parsley, fennel, apples, plums, milk products, rye bread, boiled lean meat and fish.If rosacea are inflamed, it is recommended that fasting once a week (one day).

When acne related diseases of the liver and gallbladder eliminate fried foods and hearty meat and fish broth, herbal teas are used that have a choleretic effect.When a tendency to constipation is recommended to eat more plant tissue and move.Unfortunately, the lack of vitamins and minerals in foods are increasingly leading to hypovitaminosis, which can also cause acne.Therefore, when the power acne requires adjustment.

main vitamin for skin, vitamin A, beauticians call it "beauty vitamin", it is used to treat acne.Vitamin A is found in animal products, as well as in the form of provitamin (carotene) in plant foods:. Carrots, tomatoes, apricots, dried apricots, sea buckthorn, etc. In case of insufficiency in the diet of vitamin A skin becomes dry, hair is dry, brittle, easily they fall out.Vitamin A deficiency is installed in a number of skin conditions (acne, pimples, dry seborrhea).In case of insufficiency in the diet of vitamin C (found in fresh fruits and vegetables) may appear dryness, roughness of the skin, its pigmentation.Vitamin B1 (found in bread from wheat flour, bran, cereals, meat, yeast, nuts, etc.) Has a beneficial effect not only on the nervous system, it helps the treatment of some diseases of the skin (seborrhea, skin itching, acne).In case of insufficiency of vitamin B2 (found in the same foods as vitamin B1) appears dandruff, hair loses shine, fall out, there may be inflammatory lesions in the mouth corners of the lips.Vitamin PP (found in bread from wheat flour, cereals, beans, peas, potatoes, meat, fish, eggs, yeast, and others.) Anti-inflammatory effect, prevents graying and hair loss.With his lack of possible skin dryness or roughening, pigmentation disorders.Useful for the skin and other vitamins.

From microelements for skin arhivazhen zinc.Zinc, in the body-centered mostly in bones, skin, hair, and participates in the formation of certain enzymes.Zinc deficiency in humans leads to a slowdown of puberty.Zinc is necessary for normal hematopoiesis, he is responsible for the sense of smell and taste normal.The main sources of zinc in our diet: meat, poultry, cheeses, cereals (especially oats), vegetables, legumes, walnuts and seafood.Oatmeal in a diet for acne necessarily include, because apart from the rich content of vitamins and zinc, they contain dietary fiber.Dietary fiber helps to get rid of constipation, strengthen the intestinal flora (ie immunity) and remove toxins from the body.

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