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skin burns in the home are very common, and very few people are lucky never to deal with them.It is important not only to be careful, but also be able to provide first aid, knowing the principles of proper treatment.

Treatment of skin burns depends on their extent and nature.The most common burns -


, they result from scalding hot water, hot steam, in case of fire or exposure to sunlight.

From the high temperature of the skin cells die.The degree of damage depends on the temperature and time of exposure height.At 1 degree burns there is a persistent redness of the skin, with 2 degrees - to exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis and blisters appear.Burns 1-2 degrees surface, they are very painful, but heal without scarring.With burns 3rd degree burns have proper skin (dermis), while on the background of redness, through the bubble burst, visible areas of white skin ( "pig skin"), and at the last, 4th degree burn, the skin is charred.In

possible home treatment of skin burns 1 and 2 degree

s, if they do not cover a large body surface.The depth of the burn can be difficult to determine - a reference here is that when there are no bubbles deep burns to broken skin.With extensive burns even mild necessary medical care.

When thermal burns as first aid should immediately treat the burn with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or vodka, and then apply a sterile bandage sintomitsinovoy emulsion streptocidal ointment or, best of all, ointment with dexpanthenol.thermal burn treatment depends on the degree.Bubbles can not be opened!In severe pain, you can enter intramuscular anesthetic (ketanov, ketorol et al.) And suprastin, you can give it all inside.

dressing change 1 times per day.When the bubbles themselves vskroyutsya, cut the peel from them.Next, place the burn with Open after blistering sores treated water disinfectants (not alcohol!): Furatsillina or chlorhexidine, dried sterile cloth and bandage with ointment for burns.sunburn treatment is carried out as well, not only bandage.For convenience in manufactured Panthenol spray.

Chemical burns

arise from exposure of the skin strong acids and alkalis.A feature of the first aid is the need to stop contact with the chemical substance, or it penetrates deep into the skin for a few minutes.If the chemical is on clothing, remove it immediately and abundantly washed with damaged skin with running water.This is followed by neutralization: under acidic burns applied soaked 4% soda solution napkins, and burns at alkaline wipes moistened with a solution of a weak acid: citric or acetic.

chemical burn treatment is usually long-term, it can go in the dermatitis under adverse conditions.Therefore, the full course prescribed antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil et al.) And tonic (vitamins, immunomodulators).External treatment includes regular cleaning of the burn surface dressings with anti-inflammatory ointments and Burns.Accelerates the healing of damaged skin methyluracyl ointment and D-panthenol.When chronic festering burns use ointment Bepanten Plus, which contains dexpanthenol (healing) and chlorhexidine (antiseptic).

national treatment of burns is used in mild cases.When sunburn make compresses of yogurt or whey or butter mixed with raw eggs.Good effect has lubrication oil burns mammal.Treatment with warm strong tea relieves pain and promotes healing of burns.For this brew strong tea (preferably green) and cloth moistened them superimposed on burned area, not allowing it to dry as long as possible for 1-2 hours.Do as 10-12 days.Burn ointment to treat blisters: 2 tbspsour cream, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoonsunflower oil.All the mix, resulting ointment thick grease burns and bandaged.Fold change 1 time per day.Without the bandages can be used for sunburn.

When chemical burns apply compresses of chamomile decoction with mint leaves or cones of hops, then bandage with ointment of aloe.For the preparation of ointments take 2-3 fresh leaves of aloe, wash them and cut spikes.The leaves are ground in a meat grinder or in a blender until a slurry, mixed with melted fat and give the interior thicken.Before each procedure, it is important to thoroughly rinse the burned area from the medical fund balances and necrotic masses.

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