Contour Face

Contour Face
modern face contour plastic procedure can solve many problems.Consider the pros and cons to each woman to decide whether to spend time and money on the face contour.

Contour Face: what is it

Despite the fact that contour person does not imply surgery, many people perceive any rejuvenation procedure with caution and distrust.

contouring essence lies in the fact that the beautician makes a small intradermal injection.The injection is carried out very thin needle only 1.5-3 mm inside.Most often, injectable excipient is hyaluronic acid.

Generally, this acid found in the human body, in particular a part of skin and is responsible for the regeneration of tissues.

As injection of filler or filler used stabilized hyaluronic acid non-animal origin.For acid stabilization, each manufacturer uses its method and gets fillers that differ in their effect, structure, durability, and toughness.Beautician can use different fillers depending on the task.

Contour person - is, in fact, just a microneedle injection

, whereby in the region gets wrinkles gel treatment composition.After the injection podmorschinnye voids are filled with acid, and the skin is leveled, smoothed, and the metabolism of the skin cells become active again.

time has come

Over time, the skin cells become less natural hyaluronic acid synthesis acid becomes less active, violated the metabolic processes.Skin aging, wrinkles appear, the skin becomes saggy and not elastic.

Take the test and find out the age of their skin

Perhaps the main reason why women resort to face contouring - is the desire to stop the aging process.But the contour is not always used only for rejuvenation.

Fillers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as correction of the lips, the cheeks, the oval face.This is not a drastic change.The main requirement in this case - the customer must be of legal age.

Many girls very early start to suffer from facial wrinkles, smile because even give us a "crow's feet" around the eyes and wrinkles around the lips corners.

procedure also allows you to deal with stretch marks, which are often not dependent on age, and scarred.

Some women tend to apply the procedure of contouring as the prevention of skin aging.However, for this purpose is better to restrict quality massage and cosmetology means.


Contour Face: pros

Contour makes the skin supple and elastic.It effectively fights with the task, whether or eliminate facial wrinkles, or to achieve the desired shape of the lips.

In addition, the procedure aims to combat pigmentation and contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the skin.

Contour has a number of advantages over other types of cosmetic procedures.

  1. Easy.The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, and the complications and negative outcomes are virtually eliminated.
  2. Hour all.Usually contouring procedure takes about 30-40 minutes.Depending on the task, and the individual characteristics of the procedure may take a little longer, but usually an hour later you can be absolutely free.
  3. minimum of pain.Of course, we can not say that the procedure is completely painless, there are people with difficulty carrying injections.However, the pain can not be compared with the pain after surgery.Even small injections are performed with anesthesia, are quietly and easily.
  4. not require a long rehabilitation period.Immediately after the procedure you can live their usual life, no need to spend time to recover after the injection.Moreover, the patient does not suffer pain and scarring.
  5. Instant results.Immediately after the procedure you can feel and see the effect of changes in the mirror.
  6. duration.Contour the face lets you save effect of the procedure for six months to a year and a half (depending on the individual characteristics of the skin and general condition of the body).
  7. not have age restrictions.

Possible failure

At all visible advantages contouring may be some disappointment.First, each person has a different sensitivity to pain, especially in the area of ​​the lips, so holding contouring can not be so painless.Unpleasant sensations are possible even when using anesthetic creams.

Secondly, due to weak blood vessels, some patients suffer from bruises, hematomas and severe edema.To avoid this, you need to consult with an expert in advance and do a pre-consolidation vessels - for example, drink a course of special preparations.

Immediately after injection slight inflammation at the injection site.If the redness and inflammation persist, perhaps, the infection began to develop in the body before the procedure.In this case you should consult a doctor.

One of the most unpleasant surprises after contouring is fibrosis - seal in the procedure.Slight fibrosis seen in almost all patients, but sometimes it grows to considerable size, thus bringing discomfort and spoiling the whole effect.

Most of these complications are related to incorrectly selected dose or fillers, are not suitable to the client's skin type.

If filler introduced shallow, some women with thin skin colored patches visible at the injection site.With deep injection of the drug is possible migration of the gel, in this case, the skin can become rough, bumpy.

In order to avoid complications and allergic reactions, make beautician qualification and pre-consult with the doctor.

After the procedure should avoid direct sunlight, do not sunbathe, do not go to the bath and sauna.During the first week you can not drink alcohol and use of alcohol-containing cosmetics.


  • poor blood clotting;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • disease;
  • with silicone presence in the place of injection.

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