The first signs of gastritis

first signs of gastritis is pain, belching or heartburn, nausea, feeling of heaviness and Fullness in the upper abdomen after eating a bad taste in the mouth, sometimes bitter.

also may appear sudden weakness, headache and irritability.In exacerbations of gastritis is no clear seasonality.There are various forms of gastritis, respectively, they have their own features.

follicular gastritis occurs in lesions of the gastric glands, producing juice, on the background of superficial gastritis.Lots mucosa damaged glands lose their function, are subject to atrophic changes, other portions are subjected to cell thickenings (hyperplasia) and gradually thickens the mucous membrane unevenly.It is believed that this form of gastritis leading to cancer.Most men suffer from.The pain of such a severe gastritis, a ulcer.The secretion is increased during the day and at night.

erythematous exudative gastritis develops also on the background surface or atrophic gastritis in allergic diseases.His reason for getting foo

d allergens or parasites.This is called eosinophilic gastritis, because when it is characterized by accumulation of eosinophils in the gastric mucosa, and normally they do not happen.

acute erosive gastritis or hemorrhagic gastritis manifests a tendency to gastric bleeding due to erosive changes in gastric mucosa and high secretion.Sometimes the bleeding associated with high permeability of the blood vessels of the stomach with mild traumatic mucosal it.Other symptoms are the same as in gastritis with high acidity.An important component of the treatment of this form of gastritis is receiving vitamins PP and C (Ascorutinum), a combination which reduces the fragility of vessels.

associated gastritis associated with the presence of gastric bacteria, viruses or fungi, ie, it has a contagious nature.The microorganisms secrete metabolic products, alter the composition of the gastric mucosa, thereby causing irritation and inflammation of the stomach wall in its various parts of or the entire surface, and also increase the susceptibility of mucosal cells to carcinogens.In the case of associated gastritis necessary to carry out eradication, ie, suppression and removal of pathogens.

These pathogens enter the stomach with food, accompanied with diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, with the poor quality of household hygiene.It has long been seen by family microbial damage of the stomach, which is associated with the peculiarities of power.

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