Preparations for the treatment of acne

Almost all our body, including the face, covered with vellus hairs.Each hair grows from the follicle, which is the sebaceous gland.

sebaceous gland produces oil for the lubrication of the hair, helping him in growth and normal state.The sebaceous glands provide fat and skin, helping it stay flexible and maintain the barrier function.When this balance is disturbed idyllic, there is acne (acne, blackheads, acne, pimples).Conventional our neighbors - propionic bacteria and tiny mites (Demodex) begin to multiply rapidly in the excessive sebum, causing inflammation.If untreated, develop severe forms of acne.Large, prominent on the skin, red spots not only detracts from the appearance, they can leave scars after healing.

Modern facilities for the treatment of acne allow work on the root cause of acne formation, reduce sebum production.An example of such means - Skinoren gel.Azelaic acid, which is part of it, not only reduces the production of sebum, it dissolves grease tube, that is, destroys themselves com

edones (pimples future).Skinoren We have one more valuable therapeutic effect: it heals spots after acne.Cream for acne Skinoren is assigned when the gel causes excessive dryness and irritation of the skin.And gel and cream is applied to the lesions twice daily for well cleansed.Purify your skin by washing foaming agents for oily skin, followed by wiping with disinfectant solution.Widely used alcohol disinfectants: salicylic alcohol, boron, levomitsetinovy, propolis tincture, calendula.Salicylic acid in the various preparations are widely used in the treatment of acne, as affects the function of the sebaceous glands, reducing sebum production.The remaining funds are alcoholic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.Tincture of propolis acne is used quite often, it is effective in small pustules.

important to abandon tonal creams, they clog pores and contribute to the formation of new acne.If you want to matt skin, hiding the shine and redness, you can use the powder for acne - Galmanin.The composition Galmanina include: salicylic acid, zinc, talc and starch.On the properties of salicylic acid as described above.Zinc for the skin is the main trace element, it is involved in many processes, reduces inflammation and soothes irritated skin.Talc and starch to absorb excess fat.

If you have acne cosmetics are used only for washing and moisturizing.You can do a hydrating mask 1 time per week.Under the ban - scrubs and peels, as they leave the micro-scratches that promotes inflammation.Cosmetic products are not intended for the treatment of acne, they can help keep the skin healthy, apply prfilakticheski.Some cosmetic lines have such facilities (Clinique, Vichy).Cosmetic line "Clinic" for acne offers quite an effective tool, it prevents their appearance."Vichy" offers a range of tools for problem skin, more democratic cost.But the drugs can not be replaced cosmetics, even the best treatment for acne.Therefore, you should immediately treat acne without wasting time on false hopes.

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