Dander - forerunner of dermatitis

Dandruff is a small white flakes on the scalp, which can fall on your back and shoulders, providing plenty of negative emotions.

dandruff flakes are made up of clusters of dead horny cells, delaminated from the skin surface.Normally, this process goes unnoticed, the old dead cells are separated when to replace them are new.When there is a lot of dead cells, they are impregnated with sebum, glued into flakes and become visible - we are talking about dandruff.

Dandruff is always accompanied by itching, even mild.Depending on the abundance of cereal and oily distinguish the degree of damage of the scalp.However, popularly called dandruff all degrees, up to severe seborrheic dermatitis.Itching provokes combing through small skin lesions are often the infection penetrates and becomes inflamed.Inflammation contributes to the development of dermatitis may spread to the forehead, eyebrows, ears and back.Almost always dandruff accompanied by irritation and redness of the skin and can lead to hair loss.Because

dandruff hair can become dry with oily skin.

is therefore necessary to fight dandruff at an early stage, and if does not work - see a doctor-dermatologist.The most common causes of dandruff are unsuitable shampoos or other care products (air conditioners, masks, styling, etc.), Poor diet and lifestyle, stress and frequent hormonal disorders.We must try to eliminate the causes as possible.It will be a complex of vitamins and minerals included in the daily diet of green salads and fresh vegetables, and, conversely, to refuse carbonated drinks, chips and other junk food.It is important to have a normal sleep enough to withstand stress.

When dandruff is not very pronounced, rather special means of hair care products.We need to pick up shampoo "dandruff", restoring the normal condition of the hair and scalp.It is better to use a shampoo with herbs.Medicinal herbal extracts promote healthier skin and hair, can be further cooking broths for rinsing and rubbing into the scalp.For example, the following recipe is effective for oily, dandruff and hair loss.1 tablespoon of nettle leaves brew a cup of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, infuse, covered 1.5 hours, drain.After washing and drying the hair rub the infusion into the scalp 1 times a week for a long time.

If enough shampoo, dandruff and strongly expressed, for the treatment of hair used medicated shampoos such as Sebozol, Nizoral or Friderm once or twice a week.Shampoo applied to the rinsed hair is foamed and left for 2-3 minutes, then rinsed.Friderm has three different versions: with tar, zinc, and ph-balance of each is used in appropriate situations.With tar used for greasy skin, with zinc - for dry skin, and normalizing the balance is suitable for any skin type.Shampoos Nizoral Sebozol and contain a drug to suppress the fungal pathogen is often the culprit in the appearance of dandruff.

When you join a bacterial infection it is very difficult to cope on their own, so you should not run a disease, but rather as soon as possible to consult a dermatologist, who will pick up individual treatment.Hair Treatment with abundant dandruff and hair loss, too, are best left to the doctor.To avoid re-infection, you need to observe good personal hygiene: frequently change pillowcases and towels, hot water wash combs.

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