First aid for asthma

Bronchial asthma is accompanied by attacks of breathlessness, that may catch a person in any place and at any time.The attack is manifested wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty exhaling.

Most patients take a specific position: sit down, leaning on hands, may redden and swell the veins in the neck.First aid for asthma attack can be provided located near people.Typically, a patient with an inhaler or tablets, you only need to help them to take.Relief of mild episode of asthma is possible ingestion of aminophylline tablets teopek, No-Spa, papaverine or Halidorum.Good effect in attack allowed the hot foot bath, mustard and banks on the back, as well as distracting conversation with the patient.However, acute asthma is best to start with breathing inhaler bronchodilator drugs (salbutamol, ventolin, berotek).These inhalers are valid for a few minutes.The patient may be other inhalers prescribed by the doctor.After that you need to call "ambulance."If you remove the failed attack, the staff of "first" cu

pping hold injections.

In the absence of the effect of the injections and continued suffocation of the patient is admitted to a medical facility with a diagnosis of a prolonged attack of asthma or asthmatic status.This patient was placed in the intensive care unit or the intensive care unit, where emergency care is carried out.

Emergency care in bronchial asthma is determined by the severity of the patient's condition.Typically it includes hormones such as hydrocortisone, prednisolone, dexamethasone.In addition, the use of intensive therapy drugs.

All signs of asthma are stipulated in the standards of treatment of asthma, including acute and attacks.For each stage of the disease treatment standards prescribed in the case of attack, and in the interictal period.In addition to the basic treatment can be conducted antibiotic therapy if the disease is accompanied by an infectious disease.

also non-drug treatments are used to treat asthma: physiotherapy, acupuncture, aeroionotherapy, treatment in the salt caves, extracorporeal therapies (hemosorbtion, plasmapheresis, blood UVR), breathing exercises, massage.Note

gentle massage as a means of first aid.can be easily massaged some hotspots to reduce shortness of breath: 1. A point located in the middle of the bottom edge of the jugular fossa, on the bone.To press the index finger to one minute.You can repeat.2. The special symmetrical points on both sides of the nose, from the top corner.With a moderate effort to apply pressure in a circular motion index fingers of both hands, with thumbs propped his chin.Duration acupressure 64 circular movements (8 times 8 circular motions).3. It is easy to massage harmonizing soothing steam point below the knee in front, with the outer side of the leg.Exposure to five minutes, at the same time, index fingers of both hands.Massage this point removes the fear that intensifies attack.Other types of massage with bronchial asthma should be carried out by specialists in the medical facility.

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