Yoga Asana : posture Virabhadra hero


execution technique:

From Tadasany to arrange breath jump feet apart and stretch your arms.Turn the right foot the same way as when performing Utthita Trikonasana.As you exhale, bend your right leg to a right angle so that the tibia was perpendicular to the floor and hip - parallel.Try to keep the leg bent in the same plane with the body and hind leg.

Take a few breaths.Keep the body frontally.Evenly pull the arms to the sides of the chest center.With inhalation, expand the neck and head to the right and look over the fingers of the right hand.Do not strain your neck and neck.Stay in the pose for 20-30 seconds.Breathe calmly.With inhalation go up, put the feet parallel to each other.Wrap your right foot in, left foot out to the left and follow the position, following all previous instructions.

inhale climb out of the pose.Put the feet parallel to each other and on the exhale, return to the jump Tadasanu.


stretches and strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms.Vir

abhadrasana - a static "simulator", which perfectly strengthens the heart.Regular performance of this posture you can easily transfer exercise.It gives a sense of inner strength.


Put your hands on the waist, if you have a weak heart, if you find it hard to keep your hands stretched out parallel to the floor, if you're straying breath and you're tired.

To overworked heart muscle, while staying in Virabhadrasane 2 should be increased gradually.In order not to get tired, get up against the wall.Extend your arms to the side and press the palms against the wall.

If you find it difficult to bend the leg and keep the balance in the space, make Virabhadrasanu 2 "sitting".Slide the right foot for the seat of the chair without a back, bend your leg and sit on a chair, holding on to his hand.Sit for a minute and do a pose in the other direction.To make it easier to do the pose, put on the seat of a chair a few blankets or roller - then you will not need to bend the leg too much.

If you can not bend the leg to a right angle, leave it dull.If the leg is bent at the knee hurts you regularly refer to an experienced teacher.

If you have a sore neck, do not turn your head.Look straight ahead.

Maria Schiffers, "Iyengar Yoga for those who are over ..." "Eksmo" Publishing House, 2011

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