Shellac at home : technology

Shellac at home : technology
Time, as usual, a little.And I want to look beautiful always, and from head to toe.Whether it is possible to make a great manicure time pressure?No problem.It is not necessary to spend the weekend at a beauty salon.Popular Today shellac can be done at home.

technology is quite simple and allows you to make a coating of shellac at home, alone.And not necessarily to buy expensive proprietary components.Good effect you will achieve with the help of cheap substitutes for brands that you can buy even a simple counter.

main thing is to make all stages of the procedure.Then shellac made at home, will be held 2-3 weeks.At this time, you will forget about the problem with the ever-groomed nails oblezshim varnish.Furthermore, shellac protects nails from external influences.

Any procedure shellac coating consists of several steps that you need to spend carefully.Over time, as the skill will be, you'll do it quickly.

preliminary stage - preparation of nail

First you need to remove the cuticle (the horny skin

on the edge of the nail fold).To do this, you can buy a special tool, but you can save by making the usual manicure.If the cuticle is a faint, gentle, just enough to push it a special wand.To this end, it is desirable to pre-smear cuticles special oil for cuticles.

Then you need to remove polish from the nails.This procedure promotes better adhesion to the gel.You do not have to buy special branded tool, you can do an ordinary nail file to polish the nail.You almost do not notice the difference.

to shellac is better to keep nails to be treated degreaser.Carefully wipe not only the central part, but also the region.Again, you can use an expensive and high-quality vehicle, but you can buy the most simple nail polish remover.The effect will be good.

For good adhesion primer should be applied - around the edge of the nail plate.Writing dry for one minute without a lamp.

The first stage - drawing basecoat

Before using shellac home technology should be spread on the nails base coat.In this case, experts advise not to save and use the brand means.They have good strength qualities.And at the same time have a healing and strengthening effect, protect your nails from harmful pigments.

To this liquid for long enough, apply a thin layer.Then draw along the edges of the nail brush pressed.Such a layer need to hold the device for polymerization with UV-lamp for 1-1.5 minutes.

Follow the rule: first four fingers without much, then separate large.It can be used and ICE-lamp exposure time of 10 seconds is sufficient.Buy power devices above 30 watts.

weaker version explicitly disappoint you, "sunbathing" under the light will have a very long time, moreover, matte spots can form on the surface.Experts advise to update the bulbs every few months.Because of the old coating will stay for long.

second stage - applying varnish gel

At this stage, as it is better not to save and buy a bottle of good branding in a specialty store.This nail hypoallergenic, elastic, has self-leveling ability, lasts a long time - up to three weeks.

Thanks to the special ergonomic brush tool is applied easily and accurately.Palette - the widest.You can choose any color you want: from gentle shades to extravagantly-calling "fire."

first layer of varnish make a thin, almost transparent, so that the coating does not swollen under the lamp.At the edge of the nail brush swipe lightly pressed.If suddenly the paint got on undesirable place, gently remove the cloth.Keep nails under the lamp for about two minutes.

Apply a second coat of shellac, it will achieve the depth and color saturation.As is the case with the first, it is also not desirable to apply too thick.Also dry under a lamp - about 1-2 minutes.If you want a gentle tone, then only one layer.

third stage - the application of top coat

resemble to the final part of the technology of the house of shellac.Apply a generous layer of top coat.Spend on the perimeter of nail brush pressed.And keep your nails in the lamp is about 2-3 minutes.

As is the case with the base color and shellac, quality means better purchase.Do not replace a simple nail-hardener, which will not give long-term effect.


  • is desirable to use resources from the same company - for basic, basic, top-end layers.
  • After applying the stamp to remove the sticky layer, wiping nails smooth (lint-free) cloth moistened with a special liquid, as an alternative to - the usual alcohol or acetone.

Removing shellac house

pieces of cotton disc (under the nail size) soak the liquid to remove shellac or varnish remover.Apply the fleece on the nails so that the solvent does not enter the skin.

Wrap Foil fingers to lock the cotton discs.It is desirable to such procedure should be followed with each hand separately, that one could manipulate other.

After 20 minutes, remove the foil and cotton.Now shellac or film can be removed, or with a plastic rod.If the gel varnish does not peel off, repeat the procedure with cotton wool and foil.

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