Exfoliation helps to make the skin smooth

procedure for deep skin cleansing - peeling, which translated to English means "to clear from cover", is carried out by means of exfoliating.

deep cleansing the skin better absorbs the nutrients of the masks and creams.Daily cleansing (washing) allows you to give the appearance of a well-groomed appearance, but does not provide a deep cleaning of the skin.Over time, between the epidermis horny scales accumulate a lot of dirt that can not be removed in the usual way.

task of peeling - remove the top layer of the epidermis along with the dirt and partially exfoliated cells.As a result of the procedure helps to even the skin, reduce wrinkles, and start the upgrade process.Mature skin needs regular carrying out deep cleaning.Frequency of exfoliation depends on the method: the stronger it is - the less it can be done.The main types of exfoliation: mechanical, chemical, hardware (laser, ultrasonic, vacuum, brush, cryosurgery etc.).

most popular


type peeling, the most simple, affordable and

gentle.Mechanical type of peeling is carried out with scrubs like cleansers, exfoliating the surface layer of the skin.As a result, in addition to deep cleansing removes dead skin cells and excess horny, aligned skin relief.This type of peeling can be carried out on a weekly basis at home, and for dry skin - once every two weeks.

for sagging facial skin care with sluggish circulation must necessarily include such a procedure on a weekly basis.It is important to remember that any peeling do on clean skin.Exfoliating gently rubbed into the wet skin with circular motions, avoiding the eye and lip area, then thoroughly wash, tone and applied to a nourishing cream.Another no less important rule: you can not use scrubs on inflamed or diseased skin (pimples, irritation, pustular or any dermatological problems), because even the most gentle scrub hurts inflamed skin, leading to an increase in disease foci and complications.

scrubs or exfoliating, called the cosmetics containing different abrasive particles.These particles may be of different size and origin:. Crushed seeds and nuts, sea sand, granulated wax, synthetic granules etc. The basis of the scrub cream, cosmetic gel or clay (kaolin).Additionally, the composition includes a scrub and moisturizing emollients.

Scrubs soft consistency with a small and round wax particles called


, they are designed for dry and sensitive skin.For very thin or aging skin in the presence of blackheads and acne scrub is used as a mask for gentle cleaning.Gommazh applied to clean skin with a thin layer, and after drying carefully removed in a circular motion, holding the skin.

The retail chain has a mask-peeling in the form of gels, they do not contain abrasive particles.This mask is applied on clean damp skin, leave to dry and wash off.Peeling masks gradually thickens, absorbing dirt sebaceous plugs and dead cells.As a result, the skin is cleansed, it becomes more fresh and supple.It can be used for all types of skin 1-2 times a week.


beauty salon has a stronger traumatic effect on the skin, but also provides a powerful rejuvenation effect.Cabin peeling techniques conducted 1 time in 6 months or less, except for some.Microdermabrasion method is that fine crystals of aluminum oxide are sprayed on the skin under pressure otslaivaya upper layer of the epidermis and smoothing of skin wrinkles or scars.Make skin smooth, you can gradually passing a course of 10 treatments.


carried out by means of rotating brushes that loosen the epidermis and improve blood flow to the skin.

less traumatic hardware peels

- ultrasound and vacuum.They gently exfoliate the surface layer, improve metabolism and restoring skin cells.Laser skin resurfacing is most effective, it allows you to not only make the skin smooth, but also get rid of age spots, scars and wrinkles, even in the area around the eyes.But this procedure is similar to the operation performed in a hospital, require anesthesia and recovery period for a month.When you perform a lot depends on the doctor's expertise.


carried out with the help of ice and low temperatures (liquid nitrogen).It turns cold burns to the skin, and then run recovery mechanisms begins enhanced production of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity.

Chemical peeling

- is a chemical burn of the surface layer of the skin, and it is the most common method of peeling salon.It has a different degree of (superficial, medium and deep) and is characterized by the composition of the chemical reagent.


TCA peels

used trichloroacetic acid, the procedure is carried out in 3 sessions with an interval of 1 month.Held in the hospital becauseIt requires observation, after the procedure there is persistent swelling.More easily considered

peeling using glycolic acid or fruit acids (AHA)

.This kind of peeling does not knock out of the rhythm of life and is considered a gentle, but effective enough.

peeling with AHA acids

can be carried out, and the young at problems with oily skin, acne scars and aging prevention.The procedure is carried out in several sessions at intervals of 1-2 weeks.Glycolic acid is often used for rejuvenation, wrinkle removal.The resultant swelling after the procedure, and red, speed, about a day.It is important not to burn the skin, the procedure is best done from competent professionals.

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