Methods of treating dermatitis

Most of us have no idea how to maintain health.When a case of illness, we rely on the doctors, not understanding that the source of cure is within ourselves.

Nature has provided us with a reliable immune system, and we just need to take care of this inner healing power.Since ancient times, people do, and do, and are turning to natural health products with the appearance of the disease.

known folk methods of treatment of atopic dermatitis.Many remember grandmothers recipes with oily seborrhea of ​​the scalp: a poultice of onions peel and dressings of yogurt.Ancient Ayurvedic medicine refers to an important part of the treatment of skin diseases use into a bitter tonic, improves metabolism, as well as expectorants and sweatshops all these measures will enable to cleanse the liver and lungs from toxins (allergens).To cleanse good many herbs, including widespread dandelion, burdock, clover, plantain, yarrow.turmeric (this spice) is used Ayurvedic herbs, barberry, sandalwood, and of the means of Chinese me

dicine honeysuckle, thoroughwax.In chronic course of atopic dermatitis is very effective use of the marshmallow and licorice.Herbs can be used both internally and externally.Herbal decoctions are used for washes and lotions, as well as make herbal oils.Herbal oils do on the basis of melted butter, driving in his herbal broth (you can on the mixer).For all types of skin rash helps aloe juice mixed with water or oil.In allergic skin conditions useful juice cilantro (coriander), and sesame oil.Moreover, traditional medicine recommends a complete people do not apply the oil topically to do with any form of dermatitis, and to exclude from the diet of cheese and yogurt.

Methods for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis is also different for obese people.When eruptions on the head it is recommended a decoction of plantain or burdock, ginger tea and inside.It is also useful to wipe 3-4 times a day, inflamed skin strong decoction of calendula (marigold): 2 tablespoons of flowers per cup of boiling water, boil 10minut in a sealed container, to insist 1 more hour, drain.You can lubricate the affected areas 10% propolis ointment.The following recipe for incomplete (non-obese) patients with dry seborrheic dermatitis: grind flax seeds, mix them with mashed onions and honey.Ingredients simmer on low heat for 15 minutes, then strain while hot and pour into a glass bowl.Use in the form of medical dressings.In inflammatory diseases of the skin are used red clover, licorice and burdock and nettles in allergic and hazel.All of these herbs are used externally in the form of bandages with decoctions and ointments, and inside in the form of decoctions, fees, medicinal teas and dietary supplements, which are still popular.

Traditional methods of treatment of atopic and seborrheic dermatitis are a good complement drug therapy, as well as a means of prevention of exacerbations.

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