Help for gastritis

known that gastritis - a very common disease, and acute gastritis in general no one is immune.How to help with gastritis, if the person next to you bad?

Help gastritis

known that gastritis - a very common disease, and acute gastritis in general no one is immune.How to help with gastritis, if the person next to you bad?

When it comes to acute gastritis, acute disease begins suddenly.There are a pain in the epigastric region, and together with them a little earlier or nausea, vomiting eaten food with mucus and bile.Man covers sudden weakness, appear pale, and in severe cases, blood pressure decreases, pulse becomes frequent, and sometimes fever.

First aid for acute gastritis mild, if catarrhal gastritis, is cleansing the stomach.It is enough to help a sick person get to the toilet and vomit to remove all the contents of the stomach.Then give him 2-3 cups of warm water and induce vomiting again.If possible, soda dissolved in water (half a teaspoon).Then the patient need 1-2 days hunger and peace, soot

he pain, but shpoy, you can drink water and hot tea without sugar, in the following days - light diet.

In severe cases, gastric lavage as necessary, but as needed specialized care, you need as quickly as possible to call an ambulance and waiting for its arrival give the patient to drink more, then transfer it into the hands of doctors.In the hospital seriously ill patients do gastric lavage with warm water by gavage with 0.5% solution of soda or with saline solution and yield abundant drink.The first and second day of the patient are not fed, given a large number of hot unsweetened tea, drinking alkaline in the form of heat, and a decoction of rose hips.When corrosive gastritis (poisoning of strong acids or alkalis, salts of heavy metals) is introduced through the drinking tube.

Help for gastritis - Diet

In acute gastritis diet appointed on the third day, the table number 1a.At normal or high acidity in a week prescribed diet number 1, and with secretory insufficiency - a diet № 2.

Diet number 1 is designed for critically ill patients, and the table number 1- less strict diet.It is recommended pureed boiled meat and fish, boiled eggs, semi-liquid porridge, soups.Vegetable stew is recommended boiled or mashed.Allowed baked apples, jelly, mousse, jelly, cocoa with milk, weak tea.Preference should be given to the mucous soups.Prohibited products, and stimulating the secretion of stomach irritants: meat, fish and mushroom broth, fried foods, pickles, smoked foods, garlic, onions, pepper, coffee, strong tea and alcohol.

diet number 2 is assigned to the low acidity.It is also quite diverse and includes products that stimulate the secretion and improve appetite.It allowed low-fat meat or fish broth, on which cook soups with the addition of parsley and dill.Permission is granted even soaked herring and stale rye bread.Vegetables are used boiled or stewed, porridge, too, on the water with milk, permitted fruit and vegetable juices, mild cheeses, dairy products.However, there may be individual limitations concerning comorbidities.

important to realize that for gastritis Soup - half of treatment, they should be present in a daily diet, at least twice a day.Once again, that they should be prepared with water or vegetable broth, with the exception of only gastritis with low acidity.At that allowed low-fat meat and fish broth.The composition of the soup may include potatoes, various cereals, noodles, carrots, beets, zucchini, broccoli.For the filling put the butter, introduced a raw egg or a little sour cream and herbs.In the finished soup can be pureed to put meat or fish (cook them separately).

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