Osteoporosis : the main symptoms and the choice of rational treatment

Osteoporosis - a disease of the skeletal system associated with a decrease in mass and bone density, thinning of the frame structure.

Osteoporosis - a disease of the skeletal system associated with a decrease in mass and bone density, thinning of the frame structure.Compare this can be a full-Rubik cube, which gradually begin to shine through and emptied small cubes, soon left them only "fittings".So bone structure begins to shine due to loss of bone from this sharply reduces its strength.The disease leads to poorly healing fractures, which often occur "out of the blue."The most vulnerable to pelvic fracture, tibia and radius, ribs, shoulder.Especially grave consequences associated with fracture of the femoral neck, more than a third of them end with a disability and death of the patient.The disease also leads to bone deformities.

Osteoporosis is common in older women and men, is rare in the young.Normally, a person constantly updated all cells, including bone cells.Update rate slows down with age and

gradually begins to lag behind the rate of destruction.Women in menopause enhanced bone loss and slows down the absorption of calcium for the formation of new bone due to lower level of natural "motor of the process," the female hormone estrogen.In men

bone renewal provide male hormones, androgens, which level also decreases with age and results in the loss of bone mass.According to statistics, less osteoporosis in men leads to dangerous fractures, it's probably due to the large supply of male skeleton strength.Young osteoporosis may develop when calcium deficiency or after severe injury.


symptoms of osteoporosis do not have clear symptoms and is often disguised as osteochondrosis and other diseases of the skeletal system.All of them are accompanied by pain of a different nature and degree of intensity.Osteoporosis is characterized by a dull ache in the back, which arises after the loading, a long position of the body in the same position.At the initial stage of episodic pains and local, gradually they spread and become commonplace, especially in the lumbar and thoracic spine.Other typical symptoms include a slow decrease in growth, weight loss, limited mobility and change of posture (supplicant posture).

Currently accepted standard approach to the problem of osteoporosis: 1. If a disease of the skeletal system bone mineral density (BMD) is normal, it is recommended to repeat the densitometry in 1-2 years.2. If it is determined a slight bone loss - osteoporosis prevention should begin.3. If diagnosed with osteoporosis - it is necessary to begin treatment immediately.

Treatment of osteoporosis at an early stage is carried calcitonin, it contains the drug Miakaltsik, synthetic salmon calcitonin.Clinically proven efficacy of calcitonin to reduce bone pain and reduce inflammation.It was found even more valuable property Calcitonin: it prevents the further destruction of bone tissue and increases the mobility of the patient, improving the quality of life.Calcitonin is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly 1 time per day, 5-7 courses of injections, repeating courses after breaks.

with more severe osteoporosis treatment to prevent fractures spend drugs that reduce bone fragility.These are preparations of ibandronic acid (Bivalos) and strontium ranelate (Bon Viva), specific drugs for osteoporosis.Treatment long (years) and expensive, but allows you to avoid dangerous fractures and significantly extend the life of the patient.

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