Acute gastritis in children

Acute gastritis - an acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa in violation of its functions in response to stimulation with aggressive substances.It is the primary and secondary.

most common primary acute gastritis in children, caused by substandard food, drugs or accidental poisoning household poisons.Quickie food - quite a broad concept, it can carry poisoning (Salmonella, Proteus, and others.) And lead to acute gastroenteritis, it can be poorly prepared, too greasy or spicy, can be end-period consumption.For acute gastritis may cause overfeeding the child, overloading his stomach with plenty of food.

If bacteria get into the stomach with poorly washed or contaminated products, they begin to actively proliferate and secrete products of their vital activity - bacterial toxins that irritate the mucous membrane, causing its inflammation and dysfunction.Once in the blood, the toxins poison the whole body.

If the child is fed spicy food, it will not only irritate, but also gradually exhausts its secreto

ry capacity, which leads to slower digestion.As a result, the bolus is retained in the stomach and starts to rot, decay, and even more causes inflammation.

When feeding large quantities of food the child's parents themselves create his digestive problems.Regular consumption of large amounts of food leads to stretching of the stomach wall and thinning its mucosal protective layer, it becomes vulnerable to own gastric acid.Glandular system is not added, the amount of gastric acid produced in the previous (normal) volume, so it is not enough.As a result, digestion slows down twice because of the large volume of food, and due to the lack of gastric enzymes, food is retained in the stomach for a long time and can be expanded.

symptoms of gastritis in children, such alimentary origin begins with a sharp deterioration in the general condition, loss of appetite, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea and vomiting.Then, joined by diarrhea, low-grade fever.The visible vomit undigested food eaten 4-6 hours ago.The child may be regurgitation or the smell of rotten eggs, flatulence.The disease lasts several days, there is a spontaneous recovery in mild cases.

Secondary acute gastritis is not an independent disease, but appears in the background of other diseases, such as flu, diphtheria, measles, kidney disease.Secondary gastritis heavier the child patient and slow down his recovery, therefore requires careful attention of doctors.

Treatment of acute gastritis in children begins with gastric lavage with saline to release it from toxins and give a laxative.Need hunger within the first 8-12 hours of onset and bed rest for 2-3 days.During the famine patient give to drink water or tea to room temperature, and then begin to feed the mucous soups, mashed potatoes mashed and liquid porridge.Symptomatic drug treatment, and in case of infection - antibiotics.

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