Correct posture of man - an indicator of health and beauty

slim figure, her visual perception depends on the condition and mobility of the spine, from the correct posture.

Correct posture - a beautiful posture, it emphasizes the silhouette of a man, the beauty of his figure.In addition, the correct posture indicates a healthy spine, which is no less important than the external visual effect.

In the days of chivalry could in appearance, for stateliness to determine the origin of the noble man.In earlier times, born noblemen paid great attention to their appearance, their posture.A woman at all times to sacrifice much for their appearance, because their main job was to look beautiful.Beautiful line of flexible female back is reflected in the paintings of famous artists.

Correct / Incorrect Posture

Unfortunately, in our time, we forget about yourself, about your appearance for the ups and downs of everyday worries.But a woman should always be beautiful posture, even if from fatigue on the back stoop, shoulders slumped.How to help return back flexibility a

nd beauty?Simple exercises for violations of posture will help to strengthen the back muscles.

  1. Standing.Hands behind your back, weave your fingers into the lock, take clasped hands as far as possible back, head and shoulders - too.Leaning forward, caved in with a straight back, looking forward, retract the hand - to stay in this position.
  2. Lie on your back and strong, with the tension of the blade pressed to the floor.Relax.
  3. Lying on the floor, take the hands to the sides and strongly to press them on the floor.
  4. Lying on the floor, put your elbows on the floor and leaning them and neck, bend in the thoracic spine.
  5. Put hands behind his head, to push his head in his hands.
  6. Lie on your stomach, hands put on head.Slightly lift his head and folded his hands, it is desirable to resist the wrists.
  7. Stand up, take a rubber band, fold it in four, threaded through the door handle or bracket at the shoulders.Slowly raise your hands to the sides, stopping in the end position.

Each exercise is desirable to repeat 6-8 times with an interval for rest 10-15 seconds.The exercises lying muscles need to keep a strong voltage 6-8 seconds.All exercises do not take more than 15 minutes, but brings great relief, it strengthens the "muscular corset" and helps maintain good posture.You can use it as a rest after work.

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