From what appears herpes

herpes simplex or herpes, both sexes and all age groups will appear in individuals.Herpes is contagious nature of the virus, it infected to 90% of the adult population, but the infection is hidden to a certain point.From what appears herpes?

The herpes virus is transmitted from person to person by direct contact (at touching, kissing) with patients or virus carriers, as well as through airborne droplets (when speaking), and through infected objects (towels, etc.).Note that herpes is transmitted sexually and through.

Favourite places localization of herpes simplex areas around natural openings: wings of the nose, corners of the mouth and red border of the lips, genitals.Once day, the agent remains in the body for life.With the weakening of immunity may be manifestations of a disease outbreak on the skin.The outbreak of the disease is called recurrent herpes, it occurs acutely, accompanied by itching, tingling, sometimes pain.At the same time (or every 1-2 days) is formed red, slightly swollen spot (win

g of the nose or lip portion becomes hard), it appears a pinhead bubbles filled with clear serous fluid.Content bubbles quickly becomes cloudy and the blisters dry up after 3-5 days, forming a loose serous-purulent crusts.

Sometimes bubbles burst and form a moist erosion.Some patients notice malaise, chills, muscle aches, increase in body temperature to 38-39 degrees.Gradually crusts fall off, erosion and podzhivaet herpes recurrence is completed in 1-2 weeks.How many days herpes recurs depends on the intensity of exacerbations, and the general state of health.From these same conditions depends on the presence of the remaining scars healed scabs.

Clearly, if contagious herpes contagious even course, which is why it is so common.However, it is possible to not get infected by the virus in the absence of a carrier had a relapse, and if you have a strong immune system.During exacerbation of herpes is very contagious!It was during this period of the virus is stronger, he is actively multiplies, and its concentration increases sharply in a patient.Recurrent herpes is characterized by repeated eruptions of bubbles, often in the same areas of the skin or mucous membranes of the mouth and red border of the lips.

herpes Localization on the red border of lips is particularly unpleasant and painful, but in repeated relapses spoils the natural contours of the lips.Because scientists are making a lot of effort trying to solve the problem of the treatment of herpes simplex on the lips.rapid treatment of herpes solution was found when there was Zovirax cream, which allows to get rid of bubbles for 3-5 days.Zovirax is successfully used today, but in recent years a more modern drug specifically designed against herpes Fenistil Pentsivir lips.

Fenistil Pentsivir not only immediately relieves discomfort, he quickly cures pours bubbles that heal without scarring!In addition, if you apply Fenistil Pentsivir when the first symptoms (redness, induration, pruritus) and the bubbles do not appear!Treatment cream Fenistil Pentsivir allows you to get another valuable effect: following an exacerbation are becoming rarer.The drug can be used as appropriate, adjusting to it occurs.For many people it has become a real solution to the problem of herpes on the lips.

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