Pedicure - prevention of ingrown nails

Ingrown nail - this is when the nail grows into the surrounding edge of the nail fold and brings a lot of trouble to man.Most susceptible to this phenomenon nails on the big toes.

main feature of the ingrown nail is a constant pain, aggravated by walking, and redness okolonogtevogo roller.Sometimes associated infection and developed purulent inflammation of the subungual space.

big toenails are often subjected ingrowth in patients with diabetes, nail fungus, with flat feet, congenital predisposition, when wearing uncomfortable shoes, and can occur at any age.Ingrown toenail can occur due to improper nail cutting, when too deeply cut off side edges, or illiterate pedicure.

Nail Treatment on the legs painful and prolonged.Usually it is performed by surgery, removing part or all of the ingrown nail.Appeared modern methods of laser treatment for the correction of ingrown nails and special brackets.But no method does not guarantee getting rid of relapses.The most reliable method of prevention is proper fo

ot care, including - pedicure.

pedicure can be done by yourself, if you have patience and tranquility.First you need to soften the skin of the feet - to do a warm foot bath with sea salt, which keep your feet about half an hour.The wet legs profusely soap and treat with a pumice stone, removing all of the dead skin.Soft nail file need to rub the skin below the fingers and thumbs - and on the sides.

Then you stretch your nail cuticles any vegetable oil and gently, without damaging, move the wand from pedicure set.Then you can remove the cuticle clippers manicure or a special "fork".It is undesirable to cut the skin around the nail, because it will further grow and grow coarse, but still can carry infection.

Then you can go directly to the nails.If the nails are equal, then the process simply sawing them, leaving a square or oval shape slightly small nail edge without cutting corners to prevent it ingrowth.If the nail surface is rough, it is polished first hard, then soft nail file.If the edge of the nail fiber, and dub it thoroughly sanded.It is useful then to rub healing oil for nails and do a little foot massage to improve circulation.

After processing (and absorption of therapeutic oils) wipe nails nail polish remover and applied foundation and after it dries nails varnished.If you want to please men, choose a nail polish shades closer to natural, and if you want to look fashionable - safely apply a varnish of bright colors.

Beauty legs is impossible without well-groomed nails on the feet, and this applies not only to women.Men do not want painted nails, but manicured clean nails manicured feet they just do not interfere!

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