Panacea against the common cold

How to treat a cold
Not so useful interferon, as he is painted

In the offseason, almost every second person is sick - who laid down his nose, who coughs and who falls with temperature.It is not surprising: until autumn to winter, compete, someone who, as on the street dank and then rain, then snow, viruses and lyutuyut jubilant as ever.It is now particularly relevant question - but how to treat these colds and flu?

Recently, we have more and more popular all sorts of drugs based on interferon.But is it really a miracle cure, as it appears in the advertisement?

On guard of health

Suppose, on the way to work you managed to catch the virus, and it immediately begins to be fruitful and multiply.Meanwhile, the cell in which a malicious invader settled, too, is in no hurry to give up and taken as a countermeasure: it identifies the protein - the same interferon.Leaving their "parent", it contacts with neighboring cells and stimulates them to produce substances that block the spread of infection.In general, so far, everyth

ing looks well.But there is a catch: the virus is much more bright.For as little as 20 minutes once a intruder organizes a team of a hundred companions, and after an hour of their is about a million.Anti-virus protection of human at such speeds is not working.And if you do everything else weakened from chronic diseases, nervous feelings or just overworked, the picture is even sadder.

And now back to our newfangled drugs.It is assumed that the drugs Inductors helps the body produce its own interferon quickly and in large quantities.But what is interesting: their effectiveness is virtually no way proved.Moreover, almost anywhere in the world they are not registered as drugs.

proven way

In general, if you are not set up to check on yourself medical innovations can with peace of mind to use the classical methods.For a long time and a long time has proved the good old paracetamol, which relieves pain and reduces the temperature.Get rid of nasal congestion helps phenylephrine - it narrows blood vessels.Decongestants and anti-allergic effect has chlorpheniramine.All of these components are part of a combined preparation RiniKold , which also contains caffeine, which removes drowsiness and stimulates the central nervous system, increasing mental activity.For those who do not like or can not swallow tablets, manufactured RiniKoldHotmiks - all the same, but in the sachets.And drinking a medicine in liquid form, you will not only rapidly reduces the painful symptoms like headache, runny nose and high temperature (ie above 38.5 C), but is warm, helping himself to get rid of unpleasant and even chills.

But we should not, by the way, remember that sore throat should be treated separately.Firstly, there is the site of infection, and secondly, returning to the question of our inner antivirisnoy protection, it is in the most difficult airways - and thus slower - produced interferon.So do not do without local treatment.Pretty effective against pain and inflammation in the throat - lozenges, for example Suprema Laure .They have a mild antiseptic and bactericidal action, soften the throat and help cleanse the tonsils of pathogenic bacteria.

treat cough is also better for the classical scheme and use the time-tested syrups.One of these - Suprema-Broncho , which includes eight herbs: turmeric and ginger are struggling with inflammation, basil helps cells resist the influence of free radicals, the cardamom prevents viruses show excessive activity, long pepper cope with the bacteria, and extracts adatody Vasak, bare licorice and nightshade zheltoplodnogo have expectorant action.As you can see, syrup - it is a safe natural product, so it is recommend that even three-year kids.It will contribute to lëgkomu phlegm from the bronchial tubes, will quickly transform into a wet cough and breathing easier.

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Before use, consult with a specialist.

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