Top 5 myths about dermatitis

Lucky the one who can boast of perfect skin - one that never becomes inflamed, does not itch, not covered with red spots with or without and does not suffer from allergies.But many still faced with certain symptoms of dermatitis - local redness, itching, swelling, feeling of heat on the skin ...

provoke symptoms can anything you want - from severe frosty wind, metal ornaments and dishwashing detergent toscratches, swimming in the pool and inappropriate cosmetics.Someone pursues this attack since childhood, and then the fight has to start every time you inadvertently eat a tangerine, apply on face cream with acids or put on a dress made of polyester.Some people manage to achieve remission, but anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream, however, is written in the medicine cabinet for a long time as a means of emergency.Of course, with any recurring symptoms should go to the doctor, but if you do come from "googling" the problem, do not take for granted the common myths.Namely ...

Myth №1: «Treat dermatit

is is not necessary, itself will take place."

ACTUALLY Indeed, there are times when children "outgrow" atopic dermatitis, but the situation, when it becomes chronic and pursues an adult - is also not uncommon.Moreover, if you run a disease, an allergy can "migrate" from the skin to the internal organs and strike, for example, the respiratory system.This does not occur in 100% of cases, but to tell whether the body to cope, it is difficult even for an expert.Perhaps the biggest danger - it is an infection, for which dermatitis - wide gate with "Welcome sparkling inscription Welcome!"The protective properties of the skin are reduced, and that a healthy person - the norm for allergy turns into a hostile environment.Fact - inflamed skin worse resists bacteria and fungal infections, which means additional help it can not hurt.

Myth №2: «Species dermatitis so much that there is no universal cure.We'll have to splurge on a dozen creams. "

ACTUALLY dermatitis, and the truth, the common name for several species of the disease.However, generic drugs are still produced and are designed to combat the first signs of skin lesions.The ointment and cream "pimafukort" *, in particular, can be used before you turned to a specialist and found an accurate diagnosis.From universalnogosredstva required primarily safety and efficacy, high chance to get "the mark" when the diagnosis is not clear.A complete strategy for further treatment will be a doctor.

Myth №3: «The drugs contain hormones from dermatitis.And hormones - is evil. "

ACTUALLY Not all hormones are equally useful, but not all - are equally harmful.Natural hydrocortisone - a natural for the body to a substance that fights inflammation and eliminates the itching and swelling at the site where the skin is struck is why drugs with its contents "pimafukort" - only in the domestic market) have a high safety profile and can be recommended for children - the truth, before the child was one year old, the medicine should be used with caution, watching for a reaction.And do not forget that any such medication should be used no longer than 14 days.It is only part of a complex treatment, which is determined individually, and can not replace it entirely.

Myth №4: «Dermatitis - an infectious disease, and it's contagious!Remove your child and yourself get away. "

ACTUALLY Yes, kind of irritated and red patches of skin does not inspire confidence, especially if it is a child who is trying to hug / kiss / bite your own child.But here is to overcome prejudices and listen to reason.In dermatitis allergic nature, and allergy is quite difficult to catch.It is rather the world is for atopic (so called those who suffer from atopic dermatitis) greater danger - because the reality is teeming with bacteria (literally and figuratively), and external protection weakened by such people.So step back from unhealthy blush covered person is not worth it at least is not polite, but the recommendation is a reliable anti-inflammatory agent will be very useful.

Myth №5: «Children generally no creams from dermatitis are not suitable.They are addictive and only the solid side effects!And bathe the child with a rash is also impossible.It diapers are guilty, they are all the troubles!»

ACTUALLY tactics" do not smear, is not urine, everything will be "obsolete ten years ago.Today, allergy doctors recommend bathing atopic child daily to the skin can be cleaned, and the infection does not have time to "be fruitful and multiply."Importantly, do not do it for a long time, do not include too hot water and do not take baths.Shower - atopic best friend, unless the disease is not in the acute stage.Do not leave a child to dry and freeze - just blot off any moisture with a towel and baby butter moisturizer.And on the affected area, apply an anti-inflammatory cream.In fact, easy to see how the child's skin appears weeping wound or blister, can not every mom.And it is unlikely a doctor would approve similar parental tactics.When the immune system becomes only "on your feet" fights without rules infection at all to anything.Some drugs, such as "pimafukort", suitable for children's delicate cheeks (up to years old - with caution), and it can be applied in a thin layer of the folds.

* Ointment for external use P N012689 / 01, a cream for external use P N012689 / 02

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