Features of treatment fingers at panaritiums

Whitlow - a purulent inflammation of the tissues of the fingers.There is in contact with pus-producing microbes (staphylococci, streptococci) in the soft tissue of fingers through small wounds, scratches, abrasions, sometimes ripping barbs or nail microtraumas.

On the palmar surface of the fingers and wrist subcutaneous tissue has a honeycomb structure due to strong elastic fibers of connective tissue running from the surface of the skin in depth.The cells are filled with clumps of fat tissue that promotes inflammation.

The resulting inflammation is spreading rapidly in the course of these fibers in the deep tissues, tendons, bones, joints.In the middle of inflammation accumulates fluid which is under high pressure in a closed cavity between the skin fibers that quickly leads to disruption of blood circulation and causes a sharp pain.Whitlow distinguish the place of its location: cutaneous, subcutaneous, subungual, okolonogtevoy, tendon, joint and bone.

Whitlow skin - a pustular disease of the hands,

at which there is accumulation of pus in the form of a bubble under the skin epidermis.It may appear on any part of the palm of the hand.Inflammation okolonogtevogo roller (paronychia) often occurs after a visit manicure cabinet.Okolonogtevogo felon - inflammation of periungual roller with redness and swelling, with pain of varying intensity, occurs due to small cracks or failure of the removal of burrs.

When panaritiums hyponychial there festering under the nails on the hands, they often cause foreign body trapped under the nail (eg, a splinter) or abscess subungual hematoma.Whitlow subcutaneous - the most common form of purulent lesions finger.Often the inflammatory process is localized on the nail phalanx, in this case, the pain gets worse when bending the finger.Whitlow tendon, joint and bone - severe felon, develop, mainly after unsuccessful treatment of subcutaneous felon or injury.A common symptom is severe throbbing (jerking) pain, swelling of the hands (or fingers) and redness.fingers hurt so much that a person can not sleep.

peculiarity of treatment fingers at panaritiums is that no surgery is possible only in the initial stage, to purulent fusion of tissues or sharp restriction functions.A significant increase in pain, especially the first, absolutely sleepless night due to the twitch of pain is an indication for surgery.When conservative (non-surgical) treatment is recommended to rest and exalted position of the limb, the daily monitoring of the spread of redness and swelling, so is not desirable to use the bath or ointments that can change the color of the skin.

Daily baths are also a feature of the treatment, they need to soften fabrics and reduce inflammation.With daily change of dressings used baths for hands with disinfectants (chlorhexidine, furatsillin).After the bath bandage on his hand with ointment dioxidine.Bandages do every day, until healing is complete.If you want to take broad-spectrum antibiotics (cephalosporins, macrolides).Medical supervision is necessary to prevent the development of complications.

In milder forms felon can be treated at home, without waiting for a pronounced purulent inflammation.Chlorhexidine solution is inexpensive because it is better to regularly disinfect the sore spots.Popular Recipes from the felon are warm baths for hands with potassium permanganate, it should be pink (not dark).Used as a warm bath of decoction of herbs: calendula, sweet flag, horsetail, aloe and others.After the bath should be dry your hands with a soft cloth and apply a bandage with anti-inflammatory ointment (it is easier to buy than to do), or sprinkle the powder of the bark of aspen (or lilac leaves).

felon With a view to preventing damage to be avoided finger, use caution when performing a manicure.Wounds and abrasions should be treated Zelenko, iodine, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine.A regular care of your hands, keep the hands clean.

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