Especially in autumn skin care

Grooming skin, you need to take into account the impact of the season.It is known that the skin changes not only with age, but with the change of season.

Many women notice that their skin shiny from fat in the summer, it is almost dry and tightened winter.Even the owners of normal skin can appear in winter dry skin areas.Leather men less prone to dryness, but it is influenced by the seasons, needs support.The structure and properties of the skin are different for different people, therefore, needs different skin.Consider the general needs of the skin under the influence of the season.

Facial Skin Care in summer should be carried out under the slogan: moisture - that's life!Lack of moisture leads to premature aging of the skin.In addition, dry and dehydrated skin is uncomfortable, scaly, red.Summer - the hottest season, it is the most suitable for intensive skin moisturizing.Not by chance in this season everyone is trying to rest on the sea, rivers and lakes.On vacation is important to remember that t

oo for a long stay in the sun reduces the skin's ability to retain moisture and causes skin photoaging and sunburn.

Humidification important in all seasons, but in summer it carried out intensive daily use a good moisturizer for your skin type.After washing, wipe the face lotion is recommended on the basis of aloe or honey, they are suitable for all skin types.Then on damp skin to apply a moisturizing cream that contains natural moisturizers: Aloe vera, seaweed, extracts of rose, tamarind, mint.once or twice a week for dry and aging skin need food (cream or mask).

go out, after humidification need to apply a protective cream.Stay in the sun the main reason for the loss of moisture, the use of protective creams prevent the drying effect of the sun's rays.The lighter and older skin, the higher the degree of protection SPF (sun protection factor).

Facial Skin Care in the fall gradually reoriented to preemptive skin nutrition.It is best to give preference cosmetics containing aloe vera.Aloe blocking loss of water skin, and it has other valuable properties - the ability to accelerate the restoration of skin cells (bio-stimulating property) and the ability to soften and remove dead skin cells (the cleaning property) that is suitable for all skin types.

Thanks to this exposure, improving skin functions, it becomes more smooth and fresh, it slows down the aging process.Aloe has a positive effect on problem skin, accelerating the healing of inflammatory cells and restoring the normal structure of the skin.Aloe has an astringent action and tightens the skin, anti-aging effect.

winter nature of sleep, and his face looks sleepy and pale gray.Skin care in winter is mainly directed at food and toning.Such a direction is necessary for all skin types without exception.Young skin produces abundant sebaceous, even for dry skin face a little sparkle.The goal of care for young skin - to preserve the beauty and prevent the violation of its functions.To this end, once a day using light nourishing cream to help keep the fat balance.

Mature skin in the winter looks sluggish, with enlarged pores, sometimes reddish.This is because due to hormonal causes of skin produces fewer sebaceous secretion.To help your skin, it is necessary to use rich nourishing creams on a daily basis.Skin Nutrition include daily evening departure procedure (and with aging skin - morning and evening).It is better to give preference to a nourishing cream, age-appropriate, saturated with vitamins A and E, extracts of carrots, almonds, wheat germ, emollients, and for aging skin - phytohormones.Cream should not be applied directly to the skin before going out into the cold without having time to soak, they freeze and damage the skin, and moisturizers may provoke frostbite.

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