Health tablets ?

Dietary supplements : harm or benefit ?
Drugstore shelves are full of all kinds of magic, as promised manufacturers, tablets - dietary supplements.If you believe the advertising, they are beneficial to the heart and stomach to cope with depression, shortness of breath and acne, give beauty and maintain youthfulness.But is it?

As a matter of fact things?The problem versed Katherine Price, author of "Vitamaniya".

In this article, we will tell two stories that demonstrate a rather strange belief of the majority of buyers of dietary supplements: Many believe that the same substance may be harmless, and the Miracle at the same time, but not dangerous.

history of tryptophan

People mostly believe that the food supplements in tablet and drops if you really can not profit, then do not do much harm.To some extent this belief is true, but not completely.Typically, it states that all dietary supplements contain herbal ingredients, and therefore do not pose danger.How can nature be harmful?However, about 20 years ago, Americans were convinced of t

he opposite.Entered the market dietary supplements with L-tryptophan - an amino acid which in sufficient quantity is contained in turkey, beans, cottage cheese, fish, and peanuts.It would seem, what's the catch?But after some time in the country, a wave of strange symptoms, people complained about the weakness and muscle spasms, in severe cases, they can not walk, talk and eat normally experienced with the digestive system problems, thyroid gland.Some even revealed signs of mental confusion and memory loss.It turned out that all the victims share one thing: taking pills with L-tryptophan, which promised freedom from anxiety, depression, premenstrual syndrome and insomnia.However, this promise was not to be.

found that the manufacturing company has made changes in the process of production of dietary supplements, which led to such catastrophic consequences.Moreover, the tests were not conducted, and laboratory verification before release preparation on the market.People voluntarily become guinea pigs.And all because of the fact that absolutely sincerely believed Supplements something akin to vitamins - an easy, harmless food additive, by which only the positive effects can be expected.About forty people were killed, more than five hundred - seriously injured.However, the exact causes of the incident no one called.People have paid compensation, but as smoothed health problems, only they know.

What moral of the story?It should be more attentive to everything that we hear from TV screens and see on the billboards.Always be aware of the risks to which we are subjecting themselves by taking a miracle pill.Maybe it is better to turn to natural sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.If we take the same L-tryptophan, one of the possible causes of the crash lies in the fact that with the food we get it in combination with other amino acids and proteins, and in Badakhshan was isolated in pure form.It turns out that the L-tryptophan is not natural, and the body does not recognize and does not process as you would do, "making out" it in combination with other amino acids.Hence the sad consequences.

history of resistance to the industry of nutritional supplements

In the early 1990s, the United States struck up a serious struggle between dietary supplements manufacturers and regulatory authorities.By the time the labels approximately 40% of the food contained a statement about the health benefits.Profits from such statements, by the way, unsubstantiated, settled in the pockets of companies engaged in additives, and at the same time - food producers.However, at that time in the FDA - Department of Sanitary Supervision over the quality of food and medicine - we could not do anything because the control standards have not been developed.However, the FDA took the cause - and met with enormous resistance.

Congress went to meet FDA and passed a law requiring manufacturers to control the advertising claims of additives, which tell about the health benefits.But as you know, the devil is in the details.In all of them, and stumbled.A very important fact: at the time the production of dietary supplements were the third largest industry in the state of Utah and brought annually by $ 3 billion, and as of 2012 revenues soared to $ 7.2 billion, putting the industry in the first place (!).The FDA has yet issued a norm according to which the word of manufacturers of dietary supplements must be supported by experts.Why should food and medicines This applies as well to dietary supplements should not be?The statements about the benefits of cereal with vitamin D and dietary supplements should be subject to a single standard - everything is logical.But it was not there.Manufacturers of dietary supplements have raised a storm.

Gerald Kessler, one of the richest people in the industry and the founder of a large plant for the production of dietary supplements, realized how fatal the consequences will be for the industry.And joined the battle.For evidence that the products manufactured as declared on the packaging, no one had.Kessler has collected in his own property to other business owners, do not forget to invite Senator assistants, and convinced them that above all in danger.As a result, they founded the association "healthy eating Alliance", which for many years worked on a society of consumers and even the government: one of its goals was for half a year to send a million messages to Congress.To drop the FDA's reputation, the supervisory authority in the eyes of the public, they have turned health food stores where dietary supplements implemented in the political center - attracted the attention of employees and customers.For example, offering discounts to customers who write a letter to denigrate venture with FDA standards development, members of Congress.

campaign was a favorite slogan of the American freedom of speech - and millions of people bought it.One woman appeared on television in the Statue of Liberty costume, which pinned bags of herbal tea.She explained that it is a symbol of freedom of choice.For the greatest effect in the shops of dietary supplements and vitamins staged "black days": sellers of goods put on mourning armbands and refused to sell them, hinting at what will happen if the FDA gets its way.Against Management rallied celebrity (in one of the commercials the protagonist himself was Mel Gibson), millions of ordinary people have written letters to the president.People were told that FDA insists on the termination of sales of dietary supplements, but they only wanted to control the market, not to the case of such accidents, as it was with L-tryptophan.

it will all end?Riot industry ended in her favor: dietary supplements have been automatically enabled, which are a part of dietary supplements, even if they are never formally investigated.It turns out that despite the fact that the supplements may contain virtually any combination of dietary ingredients in any dosage, modern American manufacturers of additives are not required to prove that their products are safe or effective.It is interesting that similar situations are not repeated again in different countries of the world.whether our country is an exception?While this is an equation with unknowns.

Fortunately, most dietary supplements is still not cause serious damage to health.At least in the long term: if you take dietary supplements a couple of weeks, is unlikely to happen something terrible.And it's worth paying attention to, whether conducted clinical trials of the drug, and whether there is evidence of its safety.Treat your health carefully!

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