Celebration of life

Support Fund anticancer organizations
On January 30, the eve of World Cancer Day in Moscow will host the annual city festival "Celebration of Life", in which city residents know that a deadly disease you can live, love and even dream.

Support Fund anticancer organizations' Together Against Cancer "holds a unique event" Celebration of Life ", which brings together oncologists and those who care about the topic of oncology and their own health.The city festival organizers format tend to overcome the taboo problem of cancer and isolation of cancer patients.The project must demonstrate that you can about the disease and the need to speak, it can live, love and even dream.

The festival will be a concert with participation of stars, people who face cancer will show their works in exhibitions, will take part in fashion shows during the festival will be held master classes and creative studio for children, a special entertainment area.

The most important aspect of the "Festival of Life" will be the opportunity to listen to lectures and performa

nces by renowned oncologists.Cancer patients and their families can receive consultations of doctors, onkopsihologov, lawyers.

Everyone who came to the festival, will be able to have a free inspection by leading experts of Moscow.The festival will run diagnostic rooms where you can do an ultrasound breast using the latest high-precision ultrasound scanners, get qualified consultations of oncologists, mammologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists.Muscovites will not only be able to informally get tested and hear detailed expert advice, they will receive materials about the risk factors for cancer, suspicious symptoms.

¬ęCelebration of Life" and activities for the diagnosis of cancer are supported by the Public Relations Committee of Moscow and the Moscow chief oncologist, clinical director of the Moscow Scientific Center prof.IEHatkova.The partners of the festival led to numerous NGOs dealing with the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients.


Support Fund anticancer organizations' Together Against Cancer "established by medical oncologists and unites the efforts of NGOs, patients and their families, physicians, researchers and all those who are not indifferent to the problem of cancer.Fund tasks - informing the public about modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the introduction of the practice of oncologists international standards of treatment, based on the achievements of evidence-based medicine, the formation of partnerships between patients and doctors, improving the early detection of cancer.

City Festival "Celebration of Life" will be held January 30 from 12:00 to 18:00 in RC "Roll Hall" at Moscow, st.Metro Tula, Refrigeration lane, 3.

information on the website: www.prazdnikzhizni.com , www.protiv-raka.ru

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