Need to care for young skin of the face

person - that's what we show the world.The attractiveness of a person depends on the condition of the skin, so the skin should be taken care of.When to start?

It's time comes, each in its time, as it depends on skin type, general health and lifestyle.Previously, all have to start

facial skin care teens

with oily and combination skin.

In adolescence begins production of sex hormones that greatly affect the function of the sebaceous glands of the skin.Excess fat and sweat lead to clogged pores, thereby forming spots and black spots increases keratinization of the skin.Acne prone to rashes and pimples skin problem called, respectively - use the funds for the care for problem skin.

In mild cases, beginning with the single pimple or black spots can cope on their own, with the help of careful maintenance.This is not to squeeze pimples and blackheads, it leads to scarring and complications.In severe problem should contact a dermatologist.If the time to begin treatment of acne scars will remain.

Care for problem skin aims to degreasing and skin disinfection.Better use of pharmaceutical cosmetics in a series of wedge or CLEAR Vichy Normaderm, and for disinfection and then narrowing - salicylic alcohol.With the preventive purpose can apply the cream for problem skin and means for washing Garnier series.When there is no rash, you can use the facilities for oily skin.Do not gloss over problematic skin cream powder, it clogs the pores and increases precipitation.You can use a dry crumbly mineral powder.

By age 25 the skin is in the best shape it as much as possible balanced, moisturized, and has no wrinkles.In principle, it does not need special care, just need to keep it clean and tone, that is, every day to clean the respective skin type and tone means that it remains fresh.Of course, the night shoot makeup.

Skin Care after 25 years

should include moisturizers as physiologically in that age the skin begins to lose water.In addition, the time has come to use protective creams.It is useful to once every two weeks to make a mask, nourishing and refreshing the skin and start to use the means of deep cleaning of the skin (scrubs, steam baths, masks harden).

Skin Care after 30 years

becomes complete, covering all the nuances of the skin program should include all 4 steps: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing.Skin after 30 starts to change due to stress, hormonal disorders, the influence of external factors.Appear early wrinkles, skin loses its former freshness and elasticity.

sometimes in adult women (and men) can be problematic facial skin, they need funds for oily skin.Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be carried out twice a day, every day.At the same time necessarily for the night shoot all the makeup!In order to maintain a fresh appearance, there must be sufficient sleep and good nutrition.

In the period from 20 to 35 years for women usually give birth to babies, this time a variety of hormonal changes.There may be dark spots (chloasma), dryness and other skin disorders.It is therefore necessary to protect the skin from solar radiation, regularly moisturize and nourish it, make masks and massages.

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