If you have to colonoscopy

bowel disease - the problem is very delicate, so many simply do not dare to talk about it and even more to see a doctor.Just imagine the survey!But natural shyness in this case, can cause irreparable harm, so if there is cause for concern, it is better have the courage to go to the doctor.

In most cases, a gastroenterologist or proctologist appoint a colonoscopy - today it is the safest procedure that allows the doctor to get the most information.A survey lasts on average 10-15 minutes and is as follows: in the rectum of the patient is administered a flexible tube equipped with a camera, lighting, air inlet tube and forceps for taking tissue for analysis.Although a bit frightening description of the process is virtually painless.However, how comfortable everything goes to the patient it depends not only on the following recommendations during the procedure, but also on the correct preparation to it.

And this part has until recently been undertaking quite tedious - you're not just a special diet, bu

t still manage to drink at least 4 liters of fluid in a very short period of time to maximize clean the stomach before the test (its condition directly affectsresearch on accuracy).

But now everything has changed: there was a means by which to halve the amount of drinking - drug «Fleet Phospho-Soda» .It gipersmolyarny (ie accelerating the exchange of water in the tissues) solution with a pleasant ginger-lemon flavor that helps to prepare the bowel for colonoscopy.It is well tolerated and as a result provides excellent visibility of the rectum wall to the doctor during the procedure - and this, incidentally, helps to "insure" the patient from repeated surveys.

However, this diet did not cancel.In addition, be sure to keep in mind that in certain diseases the drug is contraindicated, although it is available without prescription, but these restrictions, you will always warn the doctor, appointing procedure or pharmacist when you buy in pharmacies.

And yet, in most cases, to prepare for colonoscopy has become much easier and more convenient than before.Less trouble in dealing with sensitive issues.

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